WILD techniques

Wild techniques i have tried to do but cannot do them. Ive been trying for 2 weeks now and i dont like the other techniques because this sounds like the coolest. Any one got any tips for me?

Well, WILD seems to be the basis for a lot of other things. I’ve had an OBE while trying to have a lucid dream, figured out self-hypnosis, and trying to WILD was my first time to conciously and knowingly enter the alpha level of thought.

Try some literature on self-hypnosis and relaxation.

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WILD also happens to be my favourite method ( and i think its the coolest too :smile: ) unfortunately, for some people its really hard to grasp. A common mistake people make is that they focus ‘too much’ . Dont do that. When you go to bed, keep in mind your intention of doing WILD but dont focus on it so much that you stay awake. Its really hard to explain, but the way i have to be the best is I completely relax my body but i keep my mind about 30% focused.

For example, when you have to do your assignment you completely focus your mind on it. Dont do that here. Instead, know that you are about to sleep but keep your mind occupied with simple thoughts, like countins the jumping sheeps, or simply counting up from 1. I once experianced a perfect WILD while thinking of a game i was playing online. I started to replay the game in my head and before i realised i was IN the game .

Experiment with this in your own way :smile:[/color]

It is tough
But it is my favorite technique and by far the coolest for anyone who wants to have some first-hand experience in seeing each stage

Yea i would suggest to RELAX, this is really important!! Read a book about lucid dreaming for fourty-five minutes and when you get back to bed have your mind 70% concentrated on staying aware, BUT let the images float through your mind.

WILD is a really hard technique to learn (for most people), and sometimes its good to let your mind free from staying aware for about 10 seconds and then pull back to remaining lucid.

Also feel your hands and relax, and i like to drink something with a powerful taste so when i go to sleep i still taste it. I dont know why but it helps me.