WILD tecnuiqe

hi again, i have a question about the WILD teqnuiqe…

Does it really matter if you have your eyes open or closed while doing this or do they need to be open/closed?
Any help would be very grateful!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Closed. :wink:

Unless you can sleep with your eyes open… :grin: :tongue:

* truit self *

Rofl, that’s what I said in chat. :razz:

You’re meji? :smile:

Yeah, closed unless what Julian said is valid. :tongue:

ok cheers

Sometimes it can be helpfull to have your eyes open( dark room required).This is only for people who fall asleep easily (whole Wild is)- it is possibile to have slight HI then and be succesfull in entering the dream conciously(of course eyes get closed before that,usually without notice)
Good luck:)