WILD= terafying???

I was trying to fall asleep durring WBTB and I accidently did WILD I was laying still and all of a sudden the thoughts went through my head “Your not dreaming yet” then I was hit by a bright flash of light strong vibrations and I heard screaming, lots and lots of screaming and moaning of pain I couldn’t move at all I tryed calling for help. My heart was beating so fast, I’m afraid to even try and fall asleep now… Is wild supposed to be like that?

Such experiences are manifestations of our fears, since it’s fear that begins the scary process, and that develops the scene following the feelings of the moment. These fears, however, can be confronted, and won over, just stand fast and reassure yourself that you are completely safe in this, in fact, you’re in control of it all, and if it gets scary, it’s just because you allow it to. :smile: Good luck.

just Know and believe that its all in your head and relax, that does it for me. :wink:

I wasn’t trying to WILD and it was so sudden, I wasn’t prepared =. I kept telling myself it was just a dream over and over again. I started to see the dream forming but by then I broke SP and moved =\

I don’t know for you, but I seem to enjoy the vibration period. :wink:
I always say to myself something like [dramatic voice: ON]: “You are on an epic journey. At the end of the journey you will enter a new realm, a new dimension!”. But the irony of it is that I always just give up and fall asleep normally. :woo:

It’s nothing but your fears shown to you through hallucinations.
Have you ever noticed that the more afraid you are, the more you’re sure that you hear some voices or creepy sounds.

This is how subconscious works. If you expect that something is scary, it will be scary. You will be scared only if you think there is a reason to be afraid.

People who do WILD often are used to this and they rarely even get ‘‘scary’’ hallucinations.

It is common for WILD to be a little rough for beginners, but everyone can eventually get the hold of it.

Go for it :smile:

Why did I LOL so hard at this :lol: oh, the memories.