WILD Th3ory

Last few days after one particular WILD I started to think about it a lot! Searching forum about WILD I’ve seen that many dreamers have problem with transition from waking world into dream world, they get to SP easily and they experience HH but after that there is no dream and they’re just more awake.

I’ve also had this problem until now, considering that we try to WILD after few hours of sleep I think that I found were the problem is. All this topics that I’ve read I didn’t found this information.

We all know that when doing WILD we should combine it with WBTB[most recommended, but not only way] but also:

  1. find perfect time to do WBTB and then for how long to stay awake
  2. let yourself to fall asleep

Ok, probably the question what the hell is he talking about! No2 - let yourself to fall asleep, it’s wake induced LD. Yes that’s true but that’s exactly what I’m trying to say and describe.

So I was doing WILD[in my own opinion too late which made the dream very unstable and short - but not important here] and I get to SP. I was going true SP and I’ve experienced HH, sound and just a few images. I thought ok this is it, now I should get to dream, I’ve waited for dream to form but nothing happened.

Then I thought if I’m still aware what I did wrong, but no answer popped on that question. Then I had another question: If I’m still in SP and I’m still conscious what would happened if I fall asleep consciously. By my own choice and by my own will. And I just stopped concentrating on being awake and aware and I fall asleep.

Next thing I know I’m in front of some wall and I’m looking at my hands, lucid. The image was very blurry and white, then I said vision 100x and everything got more clear, and after that I woke up[I believe that happened because I was doing WILD after almost 10 hours of sleep].

After I woke up I was thinking about that experience. I think that in my case and for those who have problems with transition the problem is in to high awareness. That moment when we are in SP and we don’t get anywhere I think that we can compare that to situation when we awoke and when we find ourselves in SP. We just are there and we are actually waiting for SP to stop, of course if we don’t use it for another chaining or WILD.

To much awareness. Yes, I think that’s the problem, because when I let myself to fall asleep I believe that transition from waking world into dream world didn’t last longer then 1 or 2 seconds! But like I said, if I stay aware about the process then I “hit the wall” and I’m awake more then ever.

Also when I was thinking in that way i thought if we take the theory that we dream only in REM sleep how could we enter REM sleep or any sleep if we don’t fall asleep?! So basically even if we are doing wake induced LD at one point we should fall asleep to enter dream world, right?! I think that the conscious part “wake induced” part should be only to the step where we feel that we have full SP, and then just let ourselves to fall asleep.

Ok, that said I have to say that this was in my case, it doesn’t have to mean that it will work for you, I guess you can only try and see what happens.

Good luck!

Thanks, this helps a lot!

This morning I tried the same thing but I made a mistake. Once I hit SP I start to feel floating and sounds, I went with that but then in region of left eye I saw a face and I start to concentrate on it. After that I start so see face of an alien and his face was rushing toward me and in one second his face expression change like 100 times, he was yelling at me and there was terrifying sound…

Heh, that was scary[I reacted just like that but in my head only :grin: ], then I was awake a little too much but I didn’t move a muscle, although I was breathing like a just ran a 10 kilometers… Still felt SP but it was already 9:30 and then I decided to give a try another morning…

I agree with the “too much awareness” thing. I think that all those tutorials about how, when and in which order to do WILD are actually pretty confusing. WILD is a technique, and as such everybody has to adapt it to his/herself. When one just focusses on the steps and is then worried when he doesn’t get further than to SP, the awareness is indeed to high because one focusses only on the steps and forgets that he has to fall asleep.

I’ve had a few WILD’s myself and none of them were done on purpose. It just happened. Sometimes I have experienced HH, but I’ve never experienced SP when falling asleep. So from my personal experiences you don’t even need to wait for SP, still you can be fully lucid at the beginning of a dream or enter a dream consciously.

Today, another success! I was start to feel SP and it was getting stronger and stronger and when I got to the point where I felt like there is nothing to wait anymore I let myself fall asleep. As I done that I felt that I rolled over in my bed but in a dream and I was :lucid::boogie:

I did this once! It was my only successful WILD. I lost awareness somewhere in the middle and suddenly found myself doing a nose RC in bed. Got up into a dream, a decent one too. It really interested me how that transition went. I hadn’t remembered anything from starting the attempt to suddenly waking up, RCing. Interesting to see it’s happened to someone else! Makes me wanna do it again, cause it was really interesting before. :grin: