WILD tingling problem? Getting close?


Whenever I try to use the WILD technique, I always get this feeling of tingling in my hair, as if a bug is crawling through it. I try to ignore it, but it gets difficult.

If I ignore it long enough and focus, I realize (twice now I have done this) that my right arm begins to tingle as if it is getting numb. If I wait even longer, I can’t feel my right arm. Am I getting close to WILD? is this just sleep paralysis in its beginning stages?

Also, what do you guys do to stay awake long enough? I find myself getting bored then just going to sleep.

I think I have some advice for you. Keep in mind I am still new here, and not anywhere near a master of WILD.

The first part sounds alright, that is just your body going to rest. You are supposed to gradually lose feeling, so that is the right track.

This could be a problem, as with WILD you must fall asleep. You want to stay aware, not awake. As for staying aware, I don’t think I can help much. Maybe try counting, or if you have a clock that ticks just focus on the next click, without losing awareness (if that ticking does not keep you up, that is). It will be easier to stay aware the more you try WILD.

Edit: If you haven’t seen this, then see it: Making WILD your own (updated)