WILD trance state

I apologize beforehand if this isn’t the correct topic.

I’ve been incorporating a sort of meditative techniques into my WILD attempts lately (I haven’t had any WILDs yet). I picture a ray of light spinning in a circle keeping my thoughts out and I reach what sort of feels like a trance. I feel inklings of thoughts, and movie like sequences (not HI or HH) slip in and out, but predominantly there’s just darkness. It feels like I’m asleep but aware.

I can’t recall if I’m aware of my body or not during this ‘trance’, but sometimes my limbs or appendages jerk. The movements makes me a little more alert but I can pretty easily return to the trance state.

Eventually I feel vibrations and my eyes moving underneath my lids and sometimes I see phesophenes in what resembles vague shapes. I think I get a little too excited at this point, I try to focus on the phesophenes, imagine the dreamscape becoming clearer, even just relaxing.
After a while the phesophene shapes and the vibrations fade, and I end up completely aware. Though when I start moving again, it feels like I’ve just slept, which it didn’t before I started reaching this ‘trance’ state. I haven’t had any HH or HI, and I only had HS once.

Well, I was mainly wondering about what this strange state is and if I could use it to enter the dream, or if I’m off by a long shot and not aware enough :neutral:

Meditation + WILD is a great idea, so I’d say you are on the right track (or on A right track). Just wondering, what time do you do this? if it’s right when you go to bed, that’s probably the reason these sensations just stop as it can take up to 90 minutes to enter REM at that time… that’s why WILD + WBTB is a good idea. Whenever I try to WILD at night like that I end up getting vibrations sometimes and they go on for a few seconds before they just fade and I’m back at square one. It seems you got a little deeper than I do though, so that’s good :wink:

If you feel like you just slept when you get out it’s possible that you did fall asleep while staying aware, even if you didn’t reach REM or deep sleep. I think I’ve had that feeling a few times too.

Usually I do this when I take naps, which is generally around 4-5pm on days I have the time. I’ve heard that you enter directly into REM sleep during the afternoon so I figured it was really the best time practice WILD without using WBTB which I generally don’t because I don’t usually have too many hours of sleep :sad:
Sometimes the vibrations have been particularly intense and I’ve had to stop and get up because of my breathing, which usually goes wonky during WILD.

I tried again just recently and was unable to get into the state, I think I got partway because my mind had that absent feeling, though I still occasionally controlled my breathing and heard WL sounds.
It’s a pretty nice feeling :smile: I feel pretty well-rested afterwards.I think the next time I try WILD I’ll keep going even after the vibrations get me all aware again.

This happens to me every night almost. I’ve noticed that when I try again the sensation gets deeper and even stronger. And then brings you back to awareness for a second time. Then I end up falling asleep. So if you can do this without getting bored and falling asleep, or better yet, feeling so relaxed that you fall asleep (which is usually what gets me)

Sometimes I experience something similar to the trance state when I go to sleep regularly, just with a lot less awareness, and I come out of it drowsy rather than relaxed. Usually I’m about to fall asleep when sort of ‘wake up’ and have to go to the bathroom or something. I’ve never fallen asleep during a WILD attempt, it tends to keep me awake until I get vibrations and/or eye twitching which makes me completely alert.

I had a funny experience a couple of days ago though where I was falling asleep regularly but all of a sudden I heard a loud alarm sound which turned out to be HS. I’m kind of excited about it because I’ve only had HS once before and have never gotten to the stage where I see HH with my eyes rather than in my head.