WILD Utopia

I guess this tech works ok. thats good. :content: Man i hate false awakenings! lol, my longest lucid dream had 6 false awakenings! I managed to get past all of them, but i lost control after 20 minutes…

I didn’t do this last night didn’t feel like it. I will try and remember to do it tonight.

well, as soon as I got back into bed last night, I thought about my way back home from work, ealier yesterday. For the last 15 minutes, at about 16h45, the landscape was just amazing, and I could somehow “picture” it or visualize it. At the same time, I kept repeating in my head “This is a dream!”, to keep me active. I was still sleepy.

I guess the problem is I lost “focus” and did not stay aware of my body. I like to concentrate on my breathing, but last night, I needed sleep time… But, tonight, I will be “restful”, so, I will give another try to your technique. Which is, if I got it right to:

  • think of past event or things to come
  • look passively at it, not to but full concentration or attention, but just enough to be aware you are still in bed.
  • wait until SP arrives and have fun…

Is that it?

oh ok i see…
-qoute:“I guess the problem is I lost “focus” end quote and did not stay aware of my body” end quote heh, er… The whole point is to lose awareness of your body, so you are not aware of your senses, that way you can get more into the brain state and once you reach SP enter the dream.
-What you need to focus on is HI (the scenes and images)
-You dont have to nessasarally think hmm… you can stop visuallizing if random images and scenes come to you, its hard to explain but once you “invoke” HI to play in yoru head they will keep going. you can “invoke” HI BY visuallizing… i guess its ok as long as your watching somthing.
-I will touch up the guide.

Wish you luck.

Wow. Someone put into words what I never could. I admire you in that aspect Reaper. I never could explain wild then way I used to do it. Its cause I never paid attention to how I did it. I simply just did it and didnt think about it.
But that makes sense when you think about it. It explains why i was so good. Its cause i didnt thinka bout the technique or anything, i merely ld’d. Plain and simple. I am really starting to like you reaper.

:shy: i dont know what to say…:flower: you just made my day! Thanks for that, girby. :content:

Awsome! it Should be sticky and linked in the main guide, this is by far the best WILD explanation Iv’e ever seen, doesn’t leave any doubt anymore about the timing of HI and SP and what actualy to do.
Thumbs Up!

Wow, this guide is really awesome! I’ve been interested in WILD for a little while and can’t seem to get close. I will definately try this tonight or sometime this weekend! I will hopefully post my results ASAP.

And I’d like to add a small experience I had one night. I went to bed and couldn’t get to sleep easily, so I just laid there and though about memories or stuff. I was so absorbed in thought I lost total awareness of my body and saw some semi-clear HI before my closed eyes that was slowing appearing. I noticed it and came out of my thoughts to have it disappear. So, I see the losing awareness of your body part working. ^^

well i wanted to try this last night but i was so tired that as soon as i closed my eyes i fell asleep!! :grrr: :grrr:

Thanks for all this positive feed back guys, it means alot to me. lol! that sucks ld411, its ok though effort is never wasted. Well my time to sleep is nearing, lets see if i can improve U-WILD even more!, its time to get 3 out of 3 atempts to succesful lucidity! I wish you all lucidity!

I couldn’t try U-WILD last night because of mosquito in my room… Anyway, I don’t get it at all:

HI looks same like this what you’ll visualize or it looks real, in front of your eyes? I have to think about random scenes and HI will start play it automatically?

I tried this tonight… Almost instantly felt my body heavy, but I didn’t get HI, I don’t understand the same part as Jecht, I don’t know how thoughts can become HI, and I couldn’t make events going in my head… Can you explain it some more… anyway thanks :smile:

err… this is certanly going well… its kinda hard to explain, uhhh… I’ll do my best.
-It doesnt matter what you do as long as you get some images or scenes in your head. Hmmm… Ok “thoughts” dont become HI, “images” do. The images by no means will be of perfect quality there will probably be out of focus and a bit fuzzy. You have to make images come, uhh… I can make images appear in my mind at command this becuase much easier once you first successfully do U-WILD. Look you see things the entire day, so when you are lying down on the bed just remember what you saw, not as thoughts but as images. Like if you saw a car just remember the car, ussually when you remember somthing you saw, you see it in your mind. You may want to visualize if it helps. As you go on the images, scenes, HI what ever you feel like calling them, should become more real looking. And you will have to focus on the HI and loose awarness over your body. Its not “real” HI at first becuase usually HI is of good quality and it looks very real, but once you get images, and scenes playing in your head, they become HI. If you still dont understand just post it. I will update the guide.

Thanks for explaining, I think I got it now :wink:

Whenever I get HI, it becomes difficult to keep my eyes in one place. Moving them feels more comfortable, voluntarily or not.

Just dont think about it, you eyes moving around shouldnt be to much of a problem. As long as your not doing it intentionally, I suppose…

It worked on first attempt!!!
I worship Reaper!

The first time I tried when I just went to sleep, I got HI and SP (it so rare to me because it was always random, now thanks to you I got then when I wanted), but I wasn’t tired enough so after about 15 minutes (they passed very fast) I had an urge to open my eyes. Then I tried after 3-4 hours of sleep, ran images through my mind until I lost control and my mind decided how the scenes will be (I visualised a car and controls the images in my mind but then my mind controled it as it became clearer and clearer) and then came the rest of the HI and SP, and then Lucid Dream!

Congratulatoins!!! :thumbs:

Hmmm I never had HI so I have no idea how this have to look like. When my mind was playing random images, after some time i lost control and my mind was playing some scenes (very real, with sound), but that was a scene, not the slideshow. After that I was deconcentrated and had to start everything from begining :meh: I guess WILDs are not working with me ;(

thats unfortunate, dont give up! WILD is like the holy grail of lucidity. All HI is is just random scenes and images playing in your head. Its just like remembering what your mother looks like, that picture or scene in your head is what matters. At any rate if you dont like WILD you may want to try MILD or somthing but, i highly suggest WILD.