WILD vs reality checks within dream and other stuff

Hello all

I am wondering if any of you have noticed the marked difference between the clarity of say…WILD vs ‘waking up’ within an existing dream. I mean to say that I have experienced both (not enough though) and think that when I deliberately, directly enter the lucid state the quality of awareness is totally different. I would say so much so, that a couple of my WBTB experiences have made me really question reality itself.

I have used a leafy substance (maybe shouldnt mention it) starting with the letter ‘k’ to aid in my WBTB experiences. The times when WBTB have worked for me, it goes like this. I see all the colors in front of my closed eyes, I try to focus them into me travelling down a road, the road may at first be in my ‘minds eye’ but gradually the hypnogogic imagery starts to form into the road, a road that is I am travelling on very fast. I guess sometime around then I experience the sleep paralysis. Interestingly images start to also form. At some point, and I cannot explain when, it becomes an option to actually ‘step in’ to the image. When I do this, I am then fully conscious in a completely new universe. Its the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. The level of lucidity is basically 100% I am as aware of what is happening as I am right now.

However, I have also had ‘reality check’ experiences. I practiced these checks for a while (daytime) and, eventually they did make their way into my dreams. The lucidity didnt seem as much and it was pretty fleeting. I makes me wonder…

I know some people say there is a difference between the two. Some may say that WBTB is a type of ‘astral travelling’. I am a skeptical person…Hang on, I may mean W.I.L.D technique. Yes, I mean WBTB with W.I.L.D is what I use when I experience the most lucidity. Now, the lucidity that I have experienced after using the W.I.L.D technique has made me really question what is happening to me. I will tell you of the time that made this questioning arise…

I had somehow teleported myself directly into the lucid state using WBTB & W.I.L.D at about 4:00 am in the morning. I found myself in a garden with an old woman who was tending to her plants. She looked up at me and it was as if she somehow knew…something, I dont know what. I did not say anything to her. I was so awestruck by the fact that I was now in this place, this place that seemingly was a figmant of my imagination. I went for a walk and the was an old ruined church, like something from the medievil times. I remember breathing the cold air and watching the steam from my mouth dissapate into the air. I remember thinking that I felt the MOST AWAKE that I have ever felt in my life!! The clarity was unlike anything I have ever known.

Anyway, it made me question reality. It made me kind of crazy. I still think about it and still wonder. In my mind I actually went to another place. I know its impossible but I cant escape ‘knowing’ it…even though its hard to accept.

Please share your thoughts on this matter with me.

Welcome Back yooyung!

Yes, I have a read your post completely, but I have a short reply:

In my personal experience, WILDs start from high awareness, because you maintain it since you are awake, but the vividness gradually builds up.

RCILDs start from lower awareness, because you were in an ND.
But the vividness is often already high.
Still, the awareness builds up if you RC correctly.

Both can reach the same state of high awareness and vividness. Some techniques are easier to some people, since it could be just easier to use a technique or another, it doesn’t mean that the other technique is not good enough to reach that awareness state.

I remember years ago, there was some kind of trend of claiming that WILDs were not good as “real LDs” (yes, it sounds freaky now, things change). I believe these people apparently considered HI + advanced daydreaming as enough to be considered WILDs.