WILD - What next?

Every time I try WILD, I get to the same point. My arms and legs feel slightly numb and heavy, but I can still move them. That’s as far as I get. If I keep lying there, I either stay awake or black out. No progress. So what should I do once I reach this point? Stare at the patterns on the inside of my eyelids? Attempt to create a scene in my mind?

if that’s all that were needed to lose grasp of physical reality (stay still and stare into blank eyelids), there would be a big problem with the way evolution works… you maybe best spending all that time doing mild and then deild (is wild from the other side of teh dream)

Hehe i have this same problem when i do WILD during my initial sleep. But i found out that by doing it and saying mantras like “I am Dreaming”, it helps me remmember more dreams. You can try doing WILD during initial sleep and then do a WBTB mixed with WILD 4-6 hours into your sleep.

Good luck my friend.


Wild at initial sleep is a waste of time as people tend to go into deep sleep then. Maybe you meant MILD with mantras and WILD after wbtb.

I already do WILD about 4-5 hours after going to sleep. Also, there is no way I’m even bothering with MILD. I’ve done it plenty of times before and it just doesn’t seem to work for me. That’s not what this topic is about anyway. I’d rather spend that time perfecting WILD. I can DEILD fine already, when I get the chance.

Once when I’m in SP - deep SP I start to feel tingling and my body becomes lighter like it floats at that moment I let myself to fall asleep. This part: “fall asleep” I look as transition from waking life into dream life and it only takes a few seconds.

I know this may seems a little bit stupid because WILD is all about staying conscious, yes that’s true but to start dreaming you need to eventually fall asleep, right? So when you are doing WILD, too much awareness will cause nothing more then wakefulness. You need to know when in SP to let go and just fall asleep. People usually describe SP as full of images, sounds and other hallucinations. But I don’t usually experience them and maybe you don’t so only thing you on which you can rely on is body sensations!

Try to experiment with time you stay awake in SP and see what happens. Also don’t awake yourself too much when doing WBTB. There is also very important to know when your REM cycle is, I don’t have any experience in that field so search forum for that. I naturally wake up at 3 - 5 am and then I do WILD.

There’s a technique out there, I’ve read about by an LDer named Yuschak (I’ve tried this technique and had some success with it), that’s kind of like fly fishing…you know, where they cast the fly out and then pull it back, cast it out and pull it back…over and over again until they get the fly in just the right position, letting it drop to the water where they feel the fish might be. Here’s how you do it:

As you’re laying patiently, slowly relaxing to catch that perfect window between waking and sleeping, begin to look for those brief, fleeting dream scenes that crop up eventually when looking into the darkness behind closed eyes…HI as they call it (if you haven’t gotten any of the HI yet, that’s ok…yeah, go ahead and try to create a scene in your minds eye, like day-dreaming). You may notice that the scenes, as you gently observe them, become more and more sustained. At this point, begin to try to gently enter into any one of the dream scenes that seems to be a bit more stable than the others…imagine yourself standing there within it, even if its only for a brief moment. If it the scene falls apart and you withdraw, let it happen…just come back to your reclining body and don’t give in to frustration. Breath easily and watch for more imagery and, when it emerges again, again try to see yourself standing in the new scenery…maybe a little bit longer this time…maybe a little bit deeper…easy does it. Again you may find it collapsing and withdrawing…no big deal…just relax and try again, going deeper and deeper each time. You may find that eventually you tip the scales and emerge fully and clearly in an LD. And, again, this may only be for a few moments…don’t sweat it! Its the sense of gentle, easy progression you’re after, like maybe easing into a hot tub that’s really hot!

Rootin’ for ya!!! :happy:

This seems like it could work for me glypheye. Thanks alot for sharing this :happy:

Much love


Thanks glypheye, that sounds useful. I don’t usually ever get dream scenes, though. Sometimes I can get the right balance and just start to fade into a really weak dream, but I never notice scenes like that, save for the odd loud voice in my head. I suppose I’ll have to make my own.

zyonc, I can DEILD whenever I manage to wake up without moving, either by chance or from previously being in a LD.

dB-FTS, I haven’t found where my REM cycle is, I usually just use an alarm to wake myself up. If I drink plenty of water before I go to sleep, then I’ll later wake up at the end of a REM cycle, right?

I suppose, I’m not 100% sure but it’s logical. I think it’s better to use mantra for waking up because alarm may cause the lose of DR… If you’re awaken to quickly and loudly you may forger your dream…

Perfect Sense, Ardosk…good luck!

One thing I know…nothing can stand in the face of persistence :smile: