[WILD] what to do when you see the HI

I was laying down , trying to “WILD” or atleast see how fa i could get and i think it is fun to notice how the body are getting numb.
Anyways, I got really far or something , I felt like my body was almost gone , i could still barely feel it that was kinda it.
I saw images but i couldnt see colors , or did i see them , it was so strange , i both saw them and didnt see them.
Some was “befoire my eyes” and all totally black but still pictures , and some were like the picture you have of a memory but only stronger.
I lie like this for a while and see a pic “before my eyes” , a hill raising up from a sea , all PALE BLACK but still a picture.
It raised and a flag was attached to the hill , and there were trees too , and I knew it was lala land.

I moved and got out of it a few minutes later

What should I have done in that situation.

My body was numb but my head was widely awake (maybe a little relaxed only)

What should i have done/do next time ?

Hey! That’s big progress! :happy:

If you have visual HH, you’re supposed to try to jump in them, or sort of zoom in into them. You can also imagine you’re walking in the landscape you see and feel your feet walking on the ground.

thats what happen to me 2 days ago

Yeah , I know i in teory should be able to jump into them.

When laying there I oftenly see things “for my inner eye” like imagine them or seeing them as in a memory and with my eyes i just see black.

This time i saw a picture in the black , but it was still black , if you ubderstabd what i mean ?

It was not dark , it was as black as a bucket of black paint !
But still a picture.

What do you recommend to do necxt time it happends ?

I recommend, stay calm and let it progress on it’s own. You will just know when you can enter it because you probably already have. If any action is needed to enter it you’ll just have to interact.
Also you shouldn’t move obviously.


Ill try to do that next time