WILD worth it right before bed?

Is attempting a WILD even worth the shot right when u get into bed? From what i understand about dreaming, you don’t dream until the REM stage. Which doesn’t come until later in sleep. So wouldn’t you be laying there for a really long time keeping yourself conscious before your brain is in the right stage to pop you into a dream? OR am i wrong?

It’s possible, I have done it once. However, you have to be ready to just lay there for 70-90 minutes. It takes a while, but it is possible.

Hmm okay I had a feeling it would involve a lot of laying and waiting. I bet that cuts out a lot of important sleep stages required to regain energy. I wonder…

You would just have to keep your mind conscious through the different stages and thereby brain wave patterns and that is hard.

It’s not that you lose sleep, it’s just really, really difficult to stay concentrated that long. Trust me, it’s easier all around to just set an alarm for 5-6 hours after you go to sleep. Less wait time and you won’t experience as many HH’s.

It is hard, its hard to not get desperate waiting so long, but I’ts possible, I had a semi-successful WILD like that once, I didn’t manage to fall asleep but I went through different stages while being aware which was very important and amazing to me.

It’s worth giving it a shot though! If so, tell us how it goes :smile:

I successfully did a WILD before bed. I was laying there for around an hour or two. It’s hard to tell how long it took. I couldn’t see the clock. But it is possible, you just have to stay concentrated.

I successfully did a full WILD going to bed. That was my first one - now I just lay there without moving for hours and nothing happens. It used to work at first !! Why doesn’t it anymore ? :sad:

Btw, now it works like Rhawin said - at about 6, 7 AM :tongue: Worked twice like that for me :smile:

I use WILD while going to bed as like a form of MILD, because I know I will probably fall asleep during it. It worked marvelously last night with my new counting mantra “I know.”
I"ll post the LD later in my failing DJ Art of the Dream.

today in my afternoon nap, i tried to get to my dream n failed in a tragic way as i just lay there without any sleep, without any dream nothing…just focused…i was attempting at MILD…

so i woke up n felt really weird for some time…enhanced awareness n everything…but instead of feeling pretty pissed off i told myself that this is a sign of growth, because i stayed there on bed for a little less than 2 hours(sort of a personal record :cool: )… n i took it as a motivation for the night, the time where i should be very tired n stuff…n might get into a dream through MILD…so i studied lot of my engineering courses to get overly bored n tired…then at 12:45Am i started with MILD…not to mention a successful one…n now i’m awake at 2:45AM pissed off cause i couldnt link it to another LD even though i woke up in sleep paralysis…i actually thought its better to write the LD first, instead of going for another one straightaway…

Now again i feel wide awake…so i’ll probably go back to my engineering courses…they are being such a help to induce sleep…n perhaps, this quest for lucidity would help me get some good grades… :happy:

i know how one successful attempt at a technique makes us(newbies) feel like a life altering event…one moment you think you are now officially into LD, n the other you keep wondering what the hell, stupid useless technique dint work this time…

i wish you good luck for the next attempt…keep your spirits high dear fellow dreamer… :smile: