Can someone just explain how you do it personally, I’m gonna try it but want to find out a little more about how to do it and what happens in case seomthing unexpected happens and I go crazy scared n stuff.

Personally, I’ve never been able to do WILD properly.
But this link helped me understand a few things:


Isn’t the method described in that site partly WBTB? I thought WILD was possible without waking up after sleep (like WBTB), but that site claims the opposite?

Personally, I try to WILD starting with part 3 (Relaxation) when I go to sleep (without sleeping before). I found reading that part very interesting; I have all the ‘symptoms’ (the light, sounds and feelings) of that part except I don’t see ‘Hypnogogic imagery’. I never got further than that because I fall asleep then.

Yes, that is the big problem with WILD without WBTB. Both your mind and body are too tired, so you just go to sleep.
Normaly durring the night you start out with deep sleep. You can dream in deep sleep, but the dreams tend to be fuzzy, and recall is bad. You do dream every night, you go through 90 min. cycles with dreams at the end of every cycle. When you first go to bed at night the deep phase lasts most of the 90 min´s, and the dream or REM phase lasts only a few min´s. It is durring the REM phase that you have the most vivid dreams.
It is also possable that you do have an LD when you WILD when going to bed, but that later dreams wipe out the memorys of the LD. Lots of people can only remember the last one or two dreams that they had befor wakeing up. If you sleep six hours, that is four cycles, and you can have lots of dreams per cycle, so the chance that you remember a dream right after going to bed is very small. Even people who can do WILD when going to bed at night wake up after the LD and write it down so they don´t forget it latter.