WILDing afternoon

Well I got to really good stages untill my heart beats hard and I feel like my feet moving like a flame, but from that stage, I wait and nothing happens, then my mind tell my to move to the side and I’ll WILD, but I don’t and wake up…
I have two question:How close was I?
2.In the night, is it easier?(Whne you go to sleep, then wake yourself up and then WILD)

After you move, you got to reiterate the intent, or there’s the risk you’ll forget everything and just fall asleep. So remember to focus once again on WILD’ing after you roll over, and enjoy the ride :wink:

As for the night/day, it mostly depends on people. For some, it’s easier in the night before they fall asleep quicker, for some the day is better because they can concentrate more properly.

Thanks tosxy :happy: