wilding for dummies

this is a short and to the point stratagy to wild, i suggest you do a wbtb for best results, ok first get sorta sleepy, then just ly there and try not to think of anything just “be” , then just try to stay awake , but with out keeping yourself up then i bet within 15 mins youll start to hear semi “hi” , dont listen to it cuz itll just go away. when it gets more intense you will probely feel and sense stuff in that room with you and mabey even feel severe pain someware on yuor bodie, then you will start to see stuff, dont slip away and just go to sleep, try to know you will start to be dreaming soon, and then in like a few mins you will just be there, idk how you transiton into the dream, it has always just been instananiasly so you dont even know it happend, and thats the hard part, cuz you can just be like o, this is real, and just have it turn into a regulair dream so you always have to be self aware

good luck :wink:

Thanks for posting this. Have you had success with this method?

Also, what do you mean by hearing “semi hi”?

That sounds like a good idea, while attempting wild you have to make sure you don’t get to many thoughts running through your head, and simply wait until you notice some small thoughts forming into HI. It also takes a lot of practice. Don’t assume that people who can do WILD very easily were born that way. Most people have to practice at it, and it can even take months to achieve lucidity from WILD.

For anyone not having success, don’t give up!! :woah:
That is the worst thing you can do on your way to having many lucid dreams. Just keep practicing and trying, and eventually you’ll make some progress. :thumbs:

I never have trouble getting to the HI stage, in fact I can do it almost every night if I choose to - but for me I have not had a single success with WILD . You’re right, it sure does take a lot of practice. :ohno:

I got the vibrations twice by doing mini-WBTB… that is, I just stopped my alarm clock, turned around again in bed and started counting. I guess I counted in intervals of 1-2 seconds, and I got the vibrations when I reached 20. However, I fell asleep normally without achieving a WILD.

Agrees with above poster
It differs, you know. Some people gets HI, others may get HS and someone only gets vibrations.
I’m the latter, so it’s hard to find a proper ‘wild faq’ for me…

Ive done this before, it works but is not very effective for me.
Somethimes I can take up to 4 hours without sleeping. After that, no much time left for dreams… :bored: