wild'ing. getting lost in thoughts.

i have been trying to wild alot before bed or sometimes during the day.

i now know exactly what happens when i fall asleep. i will be thinking of somthing while i lay in bed. i will be thinking and then think about a situation. i will get more attached to this situation and think it’s real and then actually try to work out problems like what im going to do, in my head. at this point i fall asleep or realize what im doing and snap out of, usually i fall asleep.

i guess this is common knowledge, maybe? but now i know it for myself…

what should i do so i dont fall asleep?


i have tried counting but i usually start messing up. one time i counted 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming and so on while i pictured myself driving a car and i found myself saying “1 im driving, 2 im driving…” lol.

takes lots of practice,
something that has a very similar principle to
wild is meditation.
if you practice meditation your ability to wild will
undoubtably go up.
When meditating you are either clearing your mind of unneccisary thought or focusing on one specific thougt.
practice meditation. practice wild.
focus on the dream.
you will have side tracking thoughts, just do not entertain them, when you think car stop it at ca- dont let yourself think that. just think “i am dreaming”.
this was the only way i could ever fall asleep, i would think of something and worry or problem solve myself to death for hours on end.
just dont think! do not allow unwanted thoughts to enter your mind, its hard when going to sleep, but practice with meditation and more and more wild will help!

best of luck!


For some reason I find that imagining movement allows Me to WILD (This is after I have been asleep and wake up during the night I have not been able to WILD without sleep first, hope that actually is WILD)
I imagine Myself running or walking in an enviroment and then I’m there, sadly though this only leads to about 5 seconds of lucidity, though I think the nights that I have succesfully done WILD are the nights that I spontaneously LD aswell, maybe WILDing just puts My Mind in the mood for LD.

Mindful is right,It is had to do a WILD when to go to bed for the 1st time.
I use WBTB+WILD to do it and It is very easy.
If I try to WILD when I go to be the 1st time I will end up staying awake till 4 in the morning.
So try it with a WBTB and see if that helps.

thanks ill try that. that little symbol in the signature looks like jason from friday the 13th, lol. just thought i’d share.


ha, I tried to wild for the first time the other day and it was insane… It’s like having tons of ten-second dreams. I was doing pretty well, but then my finger went numb, then my hand, then my arm and it was REALLY painful so I had to move… which sucked…