WILDing help?

Hi I have a few questions with the WILDing technique.

Well during this afternoon around 1.30-2.30pm I tried to WILD.

I got up to the HI stage but I saw no images. Just a lot of colors flashing, especially blue. I was very relaxed and everything. I think about 30-40 mins later, i felt like one weird vibration/shock throughout my whole body (lasted about 1 sec) and my body suddenly felt more relaxed. So I thought I had entered SP. But after waiting for atleast 10-20mins more, I thought I might have been in a dream and I tried moving and I could move but I a couple of RCs and I wasn’t dreaming. I was atleast lying in my bed for 50 mins, and I was very relaxed, I was even near the stage of my losing my consciousness to sleeping but my mind was awake due to me counting.

So basically what was wrong with me? what resulted in failure or this?

Im not an experienced WILD’r or anything so I can only speculate. You got far and saw HI and obviously got paralysed. My guess would just be that maybe you had no dream to enter (You were not near a REM cycle that is) since you did it in the afternoon. Which just resulted in a black void? Allthough I know afternoon WILD’s can be successful. But this is just my guess. :smile:

If it was beyond about 6 hours from when you woke up, you probably wouldn’t enter REM sleep.
Other than that, you did it right and succeeded. Good job!