WILDing inside my dream??

The weirdest thing happened to me this night:

I woke up after 7 hours of sleep, I jumped out of my bed ( it crushed my DR! Damm :cry: ) So with no dreams to recall I decided do eat some fruit and return to my bad… Ok I did it (and I did a RC, and definitively I was not dreaming) So when I lay down I did my Mental pre-work ( Next time I’ll be in a dream… etc… )

So I dreamt that I was chasing a murder suspect and I was using a golden gun!! After some minutes of fight, my dream fade…

Here start the odd thing: I felt myself in my bed and I felt the WILD vibrations… (I know they were WILD vibrations because I’ve been trying WILD for some weeks and I reached the vibrations state before) So I susteined this stated for a while (I was waiting for the next level of WILD… with some HI, loud sounds,…) but no changes! So I’ve decided to imagine that I’m holding the golden gun of my previous dream. After that I really feel it inside my hands

Suddenly everything dissapeared, the vibrations, the golden gun, everything!!

And a dreamscape emerged… I was in my kitchen. I realized that my sight was bad (worse than my natural one) I did 2 RC and I was dreaming!!

So guys, have you ever experienced this? Because I don’t think that I was doing this WILD in real life… ( last week just after a dream I remembered to start doing WILD and I quickly felt the vibrations, without the need to relax)
And about the bad sight, is it natural to happen in a dream?? :confused:

If you awaken from a dream and don’t move at all, it is very easy to re-enter the dream. It’s a good way to prolong lucid dreams, and can also be used from normal dreams to become lucid (though that takes some discipline). Dreaming is sort of like a meditative state, and as long as you don’t move your body, it’s very easy to continue. Anyway, that’s what it sounded like to me… If you want to read more, click here

Also, what do your vibrations feel like? If they feel electrical, like sticking a fork-in-an-outlet, you might want to just try moving your body while the vibrations are occurring, rather than waiting for hypnagogic imagery. For me, the vibrations are a signal that I am already dreaming, and attempting to move will cause my dreambody to move instead of my realbody…

I think that could’ve been an OBE. It sounds like you were close to waking up, finding yourself in your bed but still in SP (it causes those kinds of “strange vibrations”), which is a state where some say it’s easiest to enter the out-of-body state. You found your “astral body” (or dream body) in your kitchen, but it sounds like the state was weak and hazy, so you couldn’t see well.

I think that what happened is what dunlar said!

Know I can see that if we use the re-enter in a dream method I can have a LD easier… So maybe the vibrations I felt were my body entering in a dream (It can explain the fact that I have a blackout and after thar I was in my kitchen), next time I’ll try to move my body when I feel the vibrations again… I hopefully i’ll move my dream body!! :grin:

My vibrations look like when you feel a part of your body without blood within it (when you sleep in a bad position, and you feel you arm almost “dead”… formicate could be the world to explain it…)

Ahh, the old WILD in a dream, eh? :wink: It’s happened to me on two different occasions, so it might not be as uncommon as you’d think. However, these were both from months ago, when I practiced WILD. I gave it up, so I suppose the habit eventually let go, and I purely stuck to DILD methods.

WILDs within dreams are great, aren’t they? :grin:

Sure! They are amazing! (and easier than true WILD :wink: )

Just trying true WILD sometimes I think this dream WILD can happen (because with no idea of the vibrations or Hi you’ll never recognize it)

As you say, I’m stucked in DILD method, but I think that it’s perfect for me… So if it happens again I’ll be glad! hehehehe :tongue:

Yea! ive had those dead arm feelings too, when i was trying to wild the other night, i had to stop cause it started to freak me out and i didnt know what it was…

kaotix! It’s really a strange feeling, isn’t it?? :wink:

But it’s ok, you won’t be hurt or anything like that! If you have this feeling try to prolong it… Possibly strange and loud sounds will appear too! ( I think that these strange sounds are more realistic and frightening than the vibrations, but you need to experiencte it for yourself!)

We experience these sensations every single night, but we are unconciouss when it happens…

I’ve never completed a WILD yet, but I can tell you: Don’t be afraid! :grin:

I’ve done a WILD in a dream before.

It was kinda cool, I wasn’t really lucid in the dream at all just a normal one and then I was talking about lucid dreaming to my step dad in my dream, he was like “Let’s WILD right now and have a LD” so as cheesy as that sounds I said okay in my dream and laid on the couch and attempted WILD. Well it worked quite well and rather quickly before I rolled off the couch and realized I was lucid.

The strangest thing is that it did indeed feel just like I was doing a WILD, but I knew I was already dreaming. It’s a hard thing to describe but more recently my body/mind is learning to become aware of of each REM period in the sleep cycle, and with it, the process of my body going into SP and then the dream state. I know that I’m not fully conscious at all but some how I just know and ‘feel the feeling’ when a REM period starts and it feels just like a WILD or whenever I’m going into a dream or even having a WILD in a dream. I don’t always achieve a LD by recognizing the beginning of a REM period but I’m working on it.


Yeah, it’s really hard to explain it…

I feel the same thing: I think I’m learning my sleep pattern! Sometimes before my REM, I just got aware and consequently I feel the vibrations… But I can not step inside my dream! After these vibrations I have a blackout… so after it I see myself in a dream! WEIRD!

Yea i know, i just got a little worried i thought my arm was broken for a second, cause it was only happening to my arms, so i got outta bed and sure enough my arms wouldnt respond for the next 20 seconds, so i think i got sleep paraylisis down, at least… for my arms XD… I have trouble concentrating and staying awake, cause i do 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming and so on and if i break that chain, i wont notice and fall alseep quite a few times.

Kaotix, that doesn’t sound like SP, SP is your whole body. If you wake up and can’t move your arms then it is more likly that you have cut off the blood to them for a while when you were asleep. This is different then having your arms “go to sleep” where they are all tingling, but you can move them. Your arms feel kind of like they are dead. It takes a while to get enough blood back into them so that they work again. I don’t think that this is dangerous, but if it happens a lot, then you should talk to a doctor.
If it is happening when you are trying WILD, and you havn’t been sleeping, then I don’t know what it is, but I have not heard of SP only paraylising a part of your body. It happens so that you don’t “act out” your dreams while you are dreaming, so it would only be efective when it paraylisis your whole body.

kaotix, first of all find a confortable position! Many people here recommend to lay back in your bed, but I never sleep in that position, so for me, it doens’t work. So try to use your commom sleep position! Make sure your blood is reaching every part of your body! :tongue: Hehehe

No, listen it WAS SP i am certain of that, just that the time i gave sp to sink in, it only affected my arms and parts of my chest, n my neck.

From what I understand SP to be, it is more like a switch in your head that cuts the brain off from the body so that anything that you do in a dream doesn’t happen in your body. It is not a gradual thing that starts in your hands and feet, then works its way through the rest of your body.
For most people, it stops as soon as they wake up. I have never had SP while awake. Even if I wake up directly from a dream.
There are people who don’t have SP, even when they dream in REM sleep. They actualy “act out” the dream. Whatever they dream that they do, they do. I think that is why it must be like a switch. If it was slow, you would normaly not be able to move when you wake up from a dream until the SP slowly leaves your body. Also when I do WILD, I never expeance SP. I go directly from awake to dream. In my dream I am moving. There is no time for the SP to slowly start in my hands and feet, and then work it’s way to the rest of my body. One second no SP, next second total SP.
That is why when you have SP, you can roll out of your body. Anything that you do, does not affect your WL body, just your sleep body. Not being able to do that is a problem in your mind, where you don’t belive that you can roll out of your body. You expect your body to move, and it doesn’t. If you can’t leave it behind, you don’t come out.

The good thing about WILDing in dreams is, you are never distracted by your real body, because you are actually already in your dream body. This makes the whole thing a lot easier than actually WILDing from being awake. :wink:

I have had several experiences now which may have been WILD inside a dream. One of my first long LDs was one of them. However, I cannot say if it was a real WILD or WILD inside a dream, because I did not do a RC after I had woken up (before the WILD-like experience).

I always do this now, since on other occasions, I have definitely been trying to WILD while being in a dream. I know this, because I was lying on a couch in the dream, while I distinctly remembered having gone to bed before. :eh:

In any case, the experience was very interesting, and in two cases, resulted in a LD. :colgate: I think it is natural to occur if you are practising WILD. You are probably conditioning your SC to make you experience what you want. However, the experience still was quite real for me. Dream-HI looked much like real HI, etc.

ive had WILD in a dream before

in fact, it was the only time i was actually able to successfully perform a WILD

I had another false WILD tonight. I actually thought I finally succeded with WILD until I woke up. :bored: I then realized that I had been sleeping for about three hours, so there was no chance that this could have been the real thing.

However, the false WILD resulted in another long and interesting LD! Which is why, false or not, I really like them. :mrgreen:

It’s really funny and really useful (in your case) :happy:
For me it’s the best experience, but sometimes it’s a little bit confusing!!