WILDing issue. Hypnagogic imagery never appearing.

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the WILD technique and that is that everytime I do the technique, I get in a bit of a hypnagogic state sometimes but it later on just blacks out no matter how aware I am, occasionally coming back every now and then. But after over an hour of lying still and keeping myself aware, I never experience any of this Hypnagogic Imagery that is constantly mentioned, no matter how long I try I eventually lose hope and my (somewhat long) patience falls apart on it’s own accord. :neutral:

Am I doing anything wrong? How long does it usually take for Hypnagogic imagery to appear? :eh:

I have to point that getting HIs are not required in order to WILD.

Nice answer

[spoiler]You don’t need HIs in order to WILD. HIs are often seen in right before getting to deep sleep cycles. However, it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to see them at all.
The most important thing here is noticing if you can “fall asleep” and stay aware in there. You can use another senses to tell if you are getting into a dream that may be completely dark and void, but if you get in there, you can manage to make the dream vivid and, after it stabilizes, you should be in your own LD.[/spoiler]

Realistic answer

[spoiler]Since you are aiming for your first LD and you have no luck with HIs, it may be more wise to try another technique. Most members would recommend you to keep a DJ and try techniques such as MILD with WBTB.

Even LaBerge has gathered evidences that indicate that the most common LDs are DILD based, not WILD. Besides the age of the study, according to my experience and knowledge, it seems to reflect current days and most LDers as well.[/spoiler]

My best wishes and Good Luck.