WILDing when tired?

I’ve read many times that trying WILD when tired is a really good option and might increase chances of WILD working. I’ve done it a few times and all I can say is the contrary, I’m so tired I barely want to stay ‘‘aware’’ :bored: .

For example, last night I tried WILD and I’m not sure how much time it passed but everything seemed good, and then I just grew more tired by each minute that I decided to quit, roll sideways and made my way to sleep.

What do you guys think of this ? How are your WILD experiences when tired and not tired?

I have tried C-WILD (Counting-WILD?) a few times when I was really tired, and I usually feel pretty strange.
There have been times when I’ve been aware of lying in bed and been “awake”, but still had a feeling I was in a dream-state, like two different words at the same time.
This usually happens when I’ve tried counting to 100 two or three times and I start to get so tired that I constantly lose count.

The absolutely hardest part is to actually stay aware when you feel that tired.

You took the words right out of my mouth there. This is 100% exactly what happens to me. I’m tired and I want to go sleep normally - and I do. I tried about 3 weeks ago to be tired and do WILD and it worked. But as I am tired the whole day, every night I am tired and I must go to sleep normally, which is a lot quicker.

It’s very very frustrating :cry:

I definitely relate to everyone speaking of how it’s just too difficult to retain awareness when you’re pretty tired. I am a hopeless WILDer, I give it a shot every now and again for fun and either get to the SP and wierd sensations but never get past that stage and get frustrated (or too itchy lol!) or lose the consciousness battle and slip into regular sleep.

I had a funny experience though recently during the soccer world cup. After a month of very little sleep (the games in Australia were all on between 11pm and 4am) I was watching the final, and at 5am I knew I could stay awake no longer. I was lying on the carpet and so I rolled over and closed my eyes. At the same time the thought to try a WILD came to me, so I thought ‘why not’? Instantly, like literally soon as my eyes closed I could still see, with the room and my position the same as a second ago, only now the carpet was covered in a weird pattern. I got up pretty sure I was dreaming, did a couple of reality checks and sure enough I was, so I went happily on my way… :smile:

It was strange though, like it was an instant WILD, no transition at all whatsoever. So maybe being at that absolute extreme tired, like so tired you physically can’t stay awake can sometimes help. Actually I remember reading the original post of the guy that started the CILD thread and he mentioned being at that extreme tiredness, so maybe there’s something in that!

Exactly the same stuff happens to me too! Either I’m simply too “awake” to fall asleep while thinking of staying concious,or I’m so sleepy that I can’t keep myself aware at all. :cry:
I never get to the middle “point” where I fall asleep consiously,and it’s nerves me quite much when my every WILD attempt finishes with me normally falling asleep :grrr:

Ah yes, I hate when you are too ‘‘awake’’ because its like you’ll never ‘‘step into’’ the dream! And when you’re too tired, you just want to go to sleep and forget about everything. I think this is what makes WILD so hard sometimes, its very timing dependent :tongue:

Yeah I find it easier to WILD when I’m tired. 80% of my WILDs are from being tired. :content: I think it’s best to WILD when you’re tired or once you wake up in the morning cause all you want to do is go back to sleep plus you’re already relaxed, so your body will fall asleep much quicker.