WILDING while standing up, what?

Yep, as crazy as it sounds, I think I’ve had a WILD while standing up- in fact, on a treadmille! :eek:

This evening, around 6:00 I went to my local club and worked out. I had my ipod with me and was listening to rock music. I went on the treadmille, and started walking. I decided to close my eyes since I was tired, and decided to do the things I would normally do when I go to bed. I relaxed my muscles, then tensed them up repeatedly. As always, eventually I got the wooshing feeling that I get when falling asleep. I think it was sleep paralysis. then the weirdest part- I couldn’t feel my body! The music volume in my ears went shrinking way down to almost nothing.

I walked on autopilot for a while justed amazed at what was happening. After arround 10 minutes, I started to get HI about being spun around extremely fast. In my mind the treadmille was in a plane that was spinning doward to the ground. I even felt my arm tense up on the treadmilles rails to keep my balance. My teeth clenched, and I got dizzy. it was crazy! :woo:

The weirdest part of it all, I opened my eyes two minutes later, and the treadmille was perfectly still, and I was only walking 2.5 miles per hour.

just wondering if anyone else has had an expirience quite like this one.
thx for reading!

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It may just be daydreaming with crazy vividness. But who knows?

Jeez…isnt it hard enough WILDing comfortably?

But standing up?

:happy: that’s really amazing. I’m often surprised at what the human body is capable of. Falling asleep while walking is one thing that I never thought was possible. I can’t even WILD while laying down :sad:

According to my grandfather who was a soldier in WWII falling asleep while walking is possible even if obviously you can’t get proper sleep… He talked about dreaming during some long night marches in Russia.
I just wonder how tired one should be in order to do this

I know you’re not lying because I have a friend who did sleep when he was walking during work.

I don´t think it was SP because when you get SP you can´t move your body. That´s why it´s called SP… So I´m not sure if you have SP to fall asleep ( man that were many SPs in two sentences ).

Whatever seems to be a cool experience!

Maybe during SP, you can’t consciously move your body. If your body is already moving, it will simply continue to do so. Auto-pilot is a good analogy for it.

I heard that during a night of sleep normally one moves around 30 times… isn’t SP closely related to REM sleep?

I’ve fallen asleep when awake before too… Granted, I was in bed, but I was still awake, yet asleep… It’s kinda like sleeping with your eyes open, but this is different. Nice…

Wow this sounds rather…odd. Maby it was just a very vivid daydream ?

i remember seeing a thing on the guy with the long distance running record say he fell asleep while running in arizona, he woke up in the middle of the road… i’ve done this in the shower, but not lucid… be glad you didn’t wake up with a reaction to the dream, it would have made some good comedy