WildMan -- app for Android

Hey folks – in the process of writing a little app for Android to help with WILD, and was wondering if anyone would like to try it out and post feedback. There’s currently an issue with multiple touch detection (easy to fix). You’ll also need to make sure the device doesn’t lock when idle (it should be in the settings somewhere)

The idea is as follows… You lay down to sleep and keep your index finger poised above the touchscreen – when you fall asleep, your finger drops and hits the touchscreen, triggering an alarm. Right now it (hopefully) supports vibration and audible alarms, but will be adding some flashing light alarms too. The alarm can also be set on a delay (which is what you would typically want to do).

Anyway, please give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts on it or how to improve it – Thanks

As someone else interested in DIY solutions to LD gadgets, this sounds like an interesting idea. I’m not quite clear on how it works though. Won’t your hand fall down when you enter the dream anyways? Unfortunately, I don’t own an android, so I won’t be able to test it. :sad:

Good luck with your app,


Sounds interesting… unfortunately I, too, am androidless.

Cool avatar btw, dunlar. :content:

I own an Android, but it can only single touch and has no market. To top it off I can’t update it from 2.1 so the app would have to be in that version. :razz:

I’d love to try it out, though. Reminds me of when I tried to fall asleep holding my arm in the air. I did once. :eek:

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