Wilds with Mind Machines

I’m usally much better entering Lucids with WILDS at about 3:00 to 4:00 AM. I’m thinking about getting the Luma 10 which has the white ganzfeld view, with smooth transition (non-flashing white LED). Since in WILDS, you usually know when your entering the dream (recognizing the environment as strange etc)I think practing and going in to the dream world with this “solid white field” should make it easy to transform the visual into a new created reality. This may only work with people who like to enter lucids with WILDS (which I do!)



Well I wanted to follow up on this post and give you progress on my Lucids induced by mind machine. I did buy the Luma 10, mind machine. And first let me tell you this is an amazing machine and a good bang for the buck (223). This has the LightWeave technology, and it does produce some of the most amazing visuals I’ve ever seen in mind machines. What I do is wake up around 3-4 AM. I play a learning program (8-12htz-Alpha) on the Luma 10 and play a Lucid Induction CD telling me to remember I’m dreaming. After the session is over I continue to listen to the CD and fall asleep with intention going lucid. Sure enough the first night it produced a lucid.

I still want to practice using the Hypnogogic Imagery technique. This thing produces blue Ganzfeld like visuals thats perfect for doing WILDS and using HI.


Nice to hear phoenelai, if you have more results inform us :smile:.

It looks very nice, never used a light and sound machine before. Do you think it would be helpful to those that have a bit of trouble falling asleep and concentrating on WILDing?

As soon as I am able to WILD looking directly into this blue field, I will let you know. That’s my goal at least.


Thanx :grin:

any news?

Maybe this could contribute to my Search for the Holy Grail project…

This sounds rather interesting… Don’t know if i’d throw 200 bucks into it though. Maybe there’s one on Ebay for cheaper.

They are actually 159 but when you get the premium glasses it goes up to around 200-223. I think it’s a great purchase overall! It’s simply a great mind machine.


I’ve been practicing WILD with my home-made light machine. I’m very very busy so I barely get any sleep lately (end of session does that for me) but I figured out an easy way of practicing WILD without really enjoying the lucid dream (boo!)… It’s a good method though, because in 20 minutes you can do 3 WILDS… the trick is to get to do them when you’re actually planning to enjoy the LD…

here’s how it goes:

I set up a sleeping program that takes me from 12 Hz to 7 and stays there for some 20 minutes. Then, you take a metal or porcelain plate and a bunch of pennies or a key. I place the plate between my legs and I rest my wrist on my leg, holding the pennnies between my fingers. Then you just let yourself fall asleep. When you start dreaming, you drop the key and you wake up… which, i know, is boring, but it allows you to remember exactly what your thoughts were when falling asleep.

For example, I tried it a few nights ago and I was thinking about the most random stuff. As I was falling asleep, i started projecting my thoughts on people, I was imagining people saying these random things. After a while, some people started saying things I didn’t think about and I was thinking to myself: “Hey, that’s strange, I’m not thinking that” (which could probably act as a dream signal)… After a while longer, the people became completely detached from my thoughts, the space around them became more real and I was in a dream… Some sort of highway i think where two people were talking. As soon as this happened, I dropped the key and I woke up (so i remembered exactly how i entered my dream, which i usually don’t) I did it 3 times and wrote them down in my dream journal.

The trick is to try to remain conscious up to the point where you drop the key. Then, once you can do that, you can forget about the key and just enjoy the dream.

oh yeah, and I’m also going to try the 8-12 hz and induction cd method, see how that goes… it sounds interesting.