WILD's without WBTB

About WILD’s… They are said to work best when using with WBTB, but in nexusbooks.net/lucid it also says:

Whant happens if you do WILD without WBTB? Do you dream during NREM, or do you remember to dream until the REM? Does anyone know?

You dream during nREM too, or if you don’t dream a lot, you can try to stay conscious in the black nothingness untill the dreaming starts.

you must have to be amazing to be sucessfull at this.

How do you dream during NREM? I understand hypnogogic imagery and all, but you don’t actually jump into a non-dream world through that do you?

I always understood you had to stay conscious till your dream began (when an hypnogogic image turned into a dream).
Isn’t that the way it is?

During the later stages of the sleep cycle, brief awakenings are followed by a return to REM sleep. This is where practing WILD without WBTB comes into play.

Unfortunately, I fall back asleep in seconds (usually less than 15 seconds) and have trouble bringing any awareness into the sleeping/dreaming world.

Interesting, so how many minutes after falling asleep would REM actually begin?

It would be cool if someone who struggled with lucid dreaming just set their alarm clock to go off right before REM started, then they could stand up, do 21 jumping jacks, eat a load of sugar then go back to bed.

If I were to do that I could say by to my crappy sweat problem with the FILM technique. Bazzamers.

It all depends on where in your sleep cycle you are, but in the later hours it’s possible to wake briefly and fall back asleep into REM. Given the dreams I’ve had in snooze cycles, I would imagine that it is almost immediate.

nREM dreams are apparently less visual or perceptual, and more abstract or “thinking in your sleep” than REM-period dreaming. About 15% of dreams occur in nREM sleep.

WILD can be done withiut WBTB but generally this would involve doing WILD during the day. The primary reason for this is that at the beginning of the night, if you attempted WILD you would be have to pass through Delta (Stage 4) sleep and as far as I know it is impossible to stay conscious through this stage, thus your WILD would fail.

But you could do it in the morning or the afternoon since at those times you wouldn’t enter Delta Sleep.

Not impossible, just pretty hard. And your WILD would not fail really, you would just lose consciousness after stages 1,2 and 3 (which are part of nREM light sleep and go by pretty fast).

Thx for the correction.

i will try this…if i could do WILD right when i went 2 bed that would b the best thing in the entire world…then i could go have lucid dreams WHENEVER i want.thats awsome.i hope i can do it…

I think WILD may be easier than what you think!
Did you ever notice what happens to you before you fall asleep?
I once did that and I kind of WILDed! The hardest part was to stay in the dream! I find it easier when I LD normally!


You can do WILD at bed time. Sometimes you may experience a brief black out when you do this but, it still works. I used to almost always lose consciousness for what seemed like a brief second. Now, sometimes I stay conscious and some times I loose consciousness. Either way it does not matter, you will become conscious once the dream starts. The amount of time you are unconscious will seem like a flash. It may go by so fast that you don’t even know it happened.

one of my friends did that once. I’d get bored after awhile, but apparently he thought it was pretty cool.

It happens the other way arround with me!
I think I “BlackOut” when the dream starts, I am conscious when the dream as not yet started!

You are conscious during the void or blankness but then loose consciousness when you enter the dream?

That is strange. Is it possible that you loose consciousness while still in the blackness? It can be difficult to maintain consciousness in that state. When I do stay congius there I never have problems maintaining consciousness when the dream starts.

It’s not so strange actually. When the dream starts, you can easily be swept away by it and forget that it s actually a dream, especially early on in the night. Many people also eport loosing consciousness while in a LD and continuing in a ND.