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Background: I only recently began to record my dreams in a notebook. I cannot ascertain my suspicion that I dream exclusively in first person. I have friends and relatives that tell me they dream exclusively in third person. Some even say that they are people they arent, for example my sister ‘Mary’ may dream she is a soccer player of another identity maybe ‘Elaine.’

Question: Is it possible that I am dreaming only in first person?
Is it possible to dream in third person every time, every night?
How can I learn to dream in third person?

Thank you for answering

Yes it is possible that you dream in first person view and yes you could dream in third person every night, I myself flip between the two in my dreams.

To train yourself to dream only in third would be hard, But try playing some third person games before bed, I notice that when I do that I dream more in third person.

Anything you can imagine is possible.

You’ll usually dream in the perspective that you most associate “yourself” with, if you’re super ultra analytical and think of yourself like you think of others you may have tons of third person dreams… I’d say first person are more normal and third person from the perspective of “watching a television show” though you may interact with it.

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Actually we are always in 1st person, also when we see ourselves walking around “in 3rd person”. Because you are the witness that watches a 3rd person image of yourself. Thing is in a dream this is pretty hard to realize :smile:.