Will this work?

Alright so I go to bed right, I relax myself from my feet to my head. When I do that my mind feels like it has all this power, but that’s besides the point. What should I do from here? Should I focus on my breathing and wait for “vibrations”? All I asking is what I do when my body is relaxed and mind is awake?

You should focus on your breat or count backwards “100, 99, 98, 97” until the vibrations begin. Then you can easily enter a lucid dream by looking left or right with your eyes closed and imagining yourself spinning fast. This only works when the vibrations are set on.


This is only a theory:
Wouldn’t it be even better to multiply or divide, to keep your logic half of the brain active? Like counting: 3, 9, 36 … and then dividing back again?

SomethingNew: I hope you talk about wbtb-method to get wild. Because doing relaxation in the evening gives you nothing. You have to sleep those magical 5-6 before trying wild. :smile:
And btw. There is dedicated wild-thread for questions like this:

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