Will try to juggle lucid dreaming with school. Suggestions?

Sorry if I’m asking something very silly and being a bit of a pest with this, but I was thinking all day today about how school is gonna start for me tomorrow and ill wind up having alot on my mind and other things to focus on. However at the same time I wanna be able to lucid dream every once in a while. I noticed that i dont really get much sleep (3 - 6 hours) for one reason or another during the school year, and i can tell this will most likely cripple the dream recall i have built up so far. I figured i try to go to bed earlier of course, but it’ll be unpredictable if i’ll be able to fall asleep so that i can simply be more rested.

As for achieving lucidity i figure i keep with RCs occasionally in my day, practice MILD at night, and maybe WILD during afternoon naps, being I’m so dreadfully tired when i come home. However in the month I’ve been practicing MILD i havent had much luck, is this something I have to just be persistent with? And with WILD i still practice occasionally but I’m thinking it might not be for me. Well this is about all the ideas i came up with so far. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to offer.

I think that MILD is something that does take a while to work. In any case, I think that getting a WILD would be fairly difficult during the school year due to sleep schedule changes, etc, like you said.

Another thing to consider might be that you could take a break from trying any techs. Just by maintaining a DJ and doing RC’s, you’re still way more likely to have an LD than if you weren’t doing anything. Also, having a DJ and doing RC’s aren’t tasks that put a great burden on a person, so if you’re worried about school and such that may be the way to go.

Thanks a bunch for the idea Yves. :smile: Ill probably try techs once I’m used to school again.

I agree with Yves. One more word though…

weekends! :happy: (and holidays…) On school nights I very rarely get lucid and usually remember a few fragments of dreams. So I focus more on DR. I just had a 4 day weekend and LD’ed every single night (had 7 LD’s :lol:) good luck!

Mm, yeah, that’s true about the weekends. One thing you might want to consider as well is just practicing WILD on the weekdays, but then actually try it on the weekends. By this I mean on the weekdays you could practice laying still for, say, 20 minutes, before you go to bed, and then on the weekends you could actually combine it with WBTB and try to become lucid.

@Yves: Thanks! sounds like a nice idea. ill try that out next week when i get all my crap for school all in order. :tongue:
@mattias: It sounds like ill have ALOT more luck on the weekends, which doesnt surprise me. It will be difficult for me to put entries into my DJ because i dont have much time in the morning and i want to get as much sleep as possible.Thanks! and Ill do what i can :content:

I never get lucid on schooldays. I try my hardest on weekends. I MILD every night though, that comes in handy.