I know this only proves I’m a total noob at LDing even after years of trying and hundreds of LDs.

But I just had to share this with you:

What helped finally have long lucid dreams(more than a few seconds) is winking|)(I don’t know if this is the right word).
I’ve tried every technique known to man(ok, almost every), but as I accidently winked in a LD, I realised it prolonged my LD.

I don’t know if this will work for you as everyone is different, but I just thought this might help someone.

Meh, I used as that as a way to escape nightmares when I was little. If only I’d known I could do stuff while I was lucid…So if I try that’s id end up opening my “Real” eyes.

a very wonderful idea, thank you for sharing!

you know

if you wink in the waking world, at anything, and learn to build up an after image of what you are winking at,

until the after-image is so long, it lasts for minutes, then when you close your eyes you are in a lucid dream, and out of your body,

or if you “wink” at a candle flame, it might enlighten you!

EXCEPT we are BLINKING with [b]both eyes[/b], in these instances.

Cool! I still have trouble having long LD’s and I have had almost 200 of them now :sad:

So I’ll give it a try! But how exactly do you do it? Like blinking with one eye? many times? A few times with each eyes? :grin:

(I should try more spinning. I only got it to work once but man it worked!! :content: )

Winking with both eyes, only once.

Whenever the dream starts to dissolve.

OMG! THAt is Amazing~ :happy: Thank you for this post— I will try it tonight and Always~ :content:

I believe this tends to work for many individuals.

I prefer closing my eyes though for an extended period of time ^^

I tried it this morning and it didn’t work. But I did it wrong, of corse. :grin:

So it’s basicly blinking once really fast?

I’ll try again. :wink:

maybe it doesn’t do the trick for you…

Each person is a different universe

I tried winking in my last dream, but it only made me wake up a bit ifaster. >.<
Eh, but the dream was freaky anyways : P.
Its wierd, cause when i blinked, the eye i blinked sort of dug through into my real life vision and then went back into my dream, because i remember seeing the ceiling of my room in one eye and hearing my brother playing the computer.