Here’s a tip. Practice your LD’ing for a couple weeks. Get a good dream recall going, and try to get to the point where you can lucid dream occasionally.


If you’ve got the gn— … er (sorry) … guts, do this:

2mg of Melatonin
300mg of Valerian Root
500mg of Vitamin B-6

Wash this down with some chammomile (sp?) tea. I got the idea from erowid.org, only I did a half dose. All I can say is…woah.

I’ve had my fair share of hallucinogenics, but I have never seen the hallucinations that I did when I would wake up in the middle of the night. There were beings that surrounded my bed when I was in the hypnogogic (sp?) state.

This is something that I think I will do every once in a few months instead of my usual drugs.

500 mg of vit b6? Man that is strong…very strong.
Not healthy for nerves and kidneys.

Melatonin helps but with big dosages it soon works not so good so 2 mg is ok…thats not so strong.

Well there are many things that can aid lucid dreaming :cool:


remember that also the body adapts to it, so you may end up not being able to LD at all normally without taking this stuff…

I guess one time wont hurt that much though.

Yes tomas true…i ment more if you do it for months and months…
and indeed it will work less and less if u use great quantities of something because the body will addept.


I kind of did something like this once on accident… I was realy desparate to get to sleep because I’ve had insomnia problems my whole life and it get frustrating so I took 2 valerian root capules (I didn’t read the bottle that says you only take one, oops) and a melatonin pill. Sure I had many LDs but they just lead to like 5 really bizarre false awakenings and then when I actually woke up it took me like an hour to actually believe that I was awake because I couldn’t tell. In retropect it’s kind of funny but at the time it scared me since I was so drugged up my brain was easily scared of things that would normally not be scary.