Woke up from lucidity because of my own SNORING !!!???

ok that never ever happened before yet, last night i tried to WILD and i was ALMOST successfull with falling asleep and started to get lucid right after the dream started, so in that dream i was in some flat…again…coz i often get lucid in a dream where i am in a flat, usually its my own flat or the flat of my mother…and often there is something strange in that flat…thats probably why i am gettin lucid in those kind of dreams…strange things in my or my mother´s flat give me the idea i am dreaming so i get lucid…well anyway so i was in this flat and turned lucid, again i got too excited but this time i rubbed my hands like i read in here and it really helped! i kinda felt that i was supposed to wake up but it didnt happen because of the hand-rubbing, so i could stay a little longer but then i noticed that something within my dream´s breathing wasnt right, i wasnt breathing normal, i was breathing like i am snoring, so in that dream while being lucid i was able to feel that i am snorring in reality and after i realized that i woke up and i was right, i really snored and stopped the second i opened my eyes, i could feel it and i could hear it.

sometimes during night i snore, but sometimes i start to snore as soon as i fall asleep and i wake up right again because of me being able to hear myself snoring, so this time i probably got lucid far too early ? if i would have gotten lucid later (during the rem-phase) i probably wouldnt have been able to feel myself snoring during the lucid dream ?

I don’t think you got lucid too early, but actually were close to waking up when you heared it. During the waking up phase you often can start feeling your real body again and hear stuff in your bed room.

How about trying to stop snoring? You can try with different position to sleep in, mostly on the side. Try how that works :smile:
Besides, your experience sounds very promising, I bet you’ll have plenty of lucids! :happy: Sweet dreaming :wink:

thank you!

i actually had my latest lucid dream just this night, this time i got it out of what others told me is sleep paralyzis, so i was parazlyzed and kinda panicking again (i have that pretty often but i never get fully used to this kind of feeling, its always creepy to expierience it), so then i switched from SP right into a lucid dream and tried what i had in mind since days, but after a few minutes i woke up due to fact that i got over-excited again (no wonder…i was having sex with a pornstar), usually i rub my hands to prolong the lucid dream, which always helps and also helped me in that dream, but…as funny as this may sound…i was holding her hips so i was unable to rub my own hands together, so i woke up, lol
now i am searching for more ways to prolong my lucid dreams.

when it comes to snoring, no i dont permanently snore, it just happens at times, and sometimes when it happens i wake up, its mostly when i am in the state of falling asleep…i start to snore but i feel and hear it so i am right awake again.

Hey Neolnception,

I had this same problem, only not so often while lucid dreaming. if you want to reduce your snoring issues, you might wanna try some of these:

  • Change your Sleeping posture- sleeping while lying on your back will make the flesh in your throat to relax and block the air path. This will result in snoring depending on how blocked the air waves are.

  • Lose some weight - people who are fat have fatty tissue and a bad muscle tone which leads to snoring

  • Cut down on Alcohol and tobacco - these two increase muscle relaxation hence blocking the airwaves.

  • Stop using Medication- some medications cause the muscles to relax more.

  • Investigate Sinus problems - these lead to blockage of the airwaves.

Hopefully some of these could solve your problems! :smile:

Try some allergy medicine or decongestants. I usually snore when i am congested or when my allergies are acting up.