Woke up when realizing I was dreaming

I don’t know if this has been posted elsewhere before, or if it should be in a different topic, but the other day I was dreaming and then realized I was dreaming in the dream, I had an awake feeling and said this is a dream but then all of a sudden—I woke up ^^;;; Any tips or ideas as to why?

Usually people beginning to LD wake up when the first realize they’re dreaming because the shock of dreaming right now is to great or it’s because they become to excited, which causes them to wake up. The solution is rather easy. All you have to do is remain calm once you realize your dreaming. Some other things to try are rubbing an object in the dream, rubbing hands together, and spinning. They all help to stabilize the dream and keep you in it.

Thank you! :smile:

It’s rather normal, but you should have more control over it the more you practice. :content:

Try doing an RC before you say you’re dreaming just to make sure. It’s called an FA.

Try to relax. Tell yourself that you are going to stay in this dream. Be cool :cool:
That worked on me.

But since you have allready woke up from a LD, maybe you remember and learn from it next time?

Thank you everyone!!! :smile: It helped alot, thank you sooo much :smile:

You’re welcome.