Woke up!

Hello everyone,
I’m new to LD (a week) and I just would like to say that this forum is great, it helps a lot with everything, techinques, tips and motivation.

Well, I remember I already had some LD’s but when that happens I didn’t know what LD was. Last night, I had one, this time, knowning that LD is. I was in my bathroom, it seemed so real, then I did a RC, taking a look at my watch, and the numbers were so strange. Then I realized I was dreaming. Immediately came to my mind: “I’m lucid!”. Then a white light started to shine so bright and I woke up. It was really fast. I didn’t even get excited, just woke up after the RC.

I’ve read a lot about situation here in this forum, but I didn’t know it could happen so fast!
Does anyone have tips for this case?
Thank you!

Just practice! They’ll get longer.

My first LD lasted five seconds!! ^__^;;

hi! the one LD ive had lasted like 2-3 seconds, it happens super fast sometimes. They say to stay lucid do things like grab on to something in the dream world, or yell “lucidity times 1000!” and a big thing is to not get too excited, but im still pretty new to LDing too so i dont have any personal tips to share.

When it comes to grasping lucidity even more, I find that yelling is very hard for me. I seldom ever talk in my dreams and when I do, I never have a good voice to yell something.

I usually do some algebra in my head or turn VERY SLOWLY on my axis (rather than spinning since whenever I did that, it would send me into a darkness rather than clarify my dream). It sounds a little far-fetched, but it works for me. :slight_smile:

Yelling is one of those things that produces different reactions for different people. However, the hardest part when having your first few lucid dreams is not getting overly excited, as that wakes you up, which you found out :wink:.

Practice is key here, as you will learn to enjoy the dream without waking yourself up. What works for me is staying calm and focusing on a stable element in the environment (the ground, the wall, an object, etc). Good Luck!

yeah, sometimes they’re really fast. This one was about 2 seconds when I got lucid. :razz:
Well, I think I need to pratice a lot to get it longer!
Thanks for all the posts!