Woken up by the feeling of being hit?

OK I woke up suddenly it felt like someone had Hit me very hard kind of between my shoulder and neck… I woke up like WIDE awake and i could feel it (the feeling of where iw as hit) on my skin still and i was afraid because i have no idea what it was from… i dont remember my dream i dont remember anything except waking up by the feeling of being “hit”.

has anyone had this experience before??

Did you sleep for a long time before this happened? This happens to me all the time just when I fall asleep. It feels like being hit by electricity.

maybe was asleep for an hour, hard to say… but definatly within the first hour of falling asleep.

maybe there was pain/muscle spasm/pinching going on in that area or something…

i would say it was a myoclonic jerk, but that doesn’t happen an hour into sleeping, it happens right as you start to lose consciousness and cross over into hypnagogia/sleep.

it’s what happens when you’re riding in a car and doze off to sleep and convulse and jerk awake.

it happens to me every night multiple times before i fall asleep… unless i’ve been in bed for a very long time and the sleep transition is gradual and i’m not observing it at all.

yeah I’ve had that happen too
can be so startling, feels perfectly real minus the pain, kinda cool

Yeah i think that happens to everyone. It used to happen to me all the time, hasnt for a while. But usually its like i’ll be deep in hypnogog (but not aware of it) and then something might rush at me in it, or i’ll get kicked or something, and then i’ll get hit and wake up from it (maybe cuz im not fully asleep). And i would swear that something just hit me, that maybe someone came in my room and threw something at me (like a package or something) or was trying to wake me up, or maybe my cat or dog jumping on my bed, but then when i check theres nothing.

Sucks though cuz sometimes when im consciously deep into hypnogog some crazy thing out of nowhere will come at me and i’ll wake up from it, have to start from scratch…etc.

Lots of times though it will be a sound like a gunshot, i’ll swear i just got shot somewhere or that there was one outside my window but such is almost always never true thankfully

One example where i could actually still feel it was where i sat up really fast with the feeling of something hitting my stomach. Felt like a basketball or something but when i checked the feeling of something there disippated

I really HATE this :grrr: ! With me it is always a bicycle (yes, a bicycle) that runs me over, and I subconsiously roll to my side. Always happens right before I’m about to fall asleep and it TICKS ME OFF. Thankfully it hasn’t happened in a few years…

To me it feels like being hit with a sack of doorknobs… :eek: erm, bad example but you get the idea!
After awhile it stopped happening alot for me, so It could go away.

I always get this feeling when i’m sleeping on the back, the last time I was hit by a grocery chariot (Sorry, I don’t know how to call them) And yes it always happen while i’m slowly going to sleep.

Maybe the blow was from a dream you don’t remember? Sounds strange but when ever i get stung in a dream if i wake up straight away I can usually feel the sting for a while.

There’s several things that could cause it i think most have already been meantioned already.

I had a dream about a week ago where, at the end, an Agent (a la “The Matrix”) had hit me very hard in my left eye and all throughout the following day my eye would hurt when I suddenly looked left or right.

This is commonly spoken about. But usually not as intense as you experienced it. People experience them jumping awake.

It is the transition between awake and sleep, effect your sensory input. It can cause you to notice and jump awake.

About the hypnagogic jerk… I’m not sure if it’s related, but anyone who cares for a more… “esoteric” explanation, check this topic:


A detailed description of the “falling between two worlds” phenomenon can be found here:


Mystic, that last link you gave is amazing, Thnak you thank you thank you.

Lol no problem :content:

The closest I’ve got to that is when I trip over in a dream, and almost feel as if I’ve fallen back into my body (though in reality, I think it’s just my muscles jerking back into life).

I can’t remember the last time I was hit in a dream though. It’s usually me giving the hurt… :smiling_imp: