WOOO... ok that was weird

ok like 40 min ago i was tierd so i went to lay down and i figgured i would try a wild… well not much was happning and then i remember this thing i read on the fourms that said to induce sp move your eyes around like you are following a dream so i tryed it and for a few min i get nothing then this strange felling washs over my body and it felt kind of tingly( i dont realy know how to describe it) i did not think it was sp ( no fast heart, i thought i could still move but did not try) then it happened again a few min later. then i think i fell asleep

i dont remember having any HI ( sept i might have seen a few streaks of color but i dont think so )

all i know now is that i heard the TV on in the other room and when i got up there had been at least 20- 30 min time lapst

can any1 tell me if i was clost to getting a WILD or even onthe right track

Yeah i think you were close to SP.

o come on u got to be kiding me… i had been laying down maby 5 min…

WILD is way too difficult for me, not to mention pointless unless you want to induce an LD for your first time. However even I haven’t had 1 single LD for a year or so, I still would rather MILD each night rather than WILD.

Good luck though.

It’s not as hard as it seems,keep trying and you’ll get it!

Nice picture ink

tingly is just before you enter the dream so you were devilishly close. :content:

You say 5 minutes. It is possible it was sleep paralysis i guess. You’ll have to judge by your ability to fall asleep fast I guess. It could just as well be and alpha state, which doesn’t not mean you are asleep, but on the way. I usually feel “tingly” or “buzzy” when I reach deep states of relaxation. Like energy flowing through my body.

WILD is among the greatest techs (if not THE BEST) to becoming Lucid, it is best use with WBTB.
I can’t even count the times i have become lucid using WILD, but also brush up on the RCs, get into the habbit of doing an RC, I do an RC everytime i go through a door and it carries over into the dream world, it works like a charm.

you sound like you were getting very close to WILD ing nap time is sometimes the best time to WILD

Good Luck! :happy:

if you learn not to fear SP you wont see the old hag, and it is one of the easiest ways to become lucid :grin:

I would say you where somewhat close maybe next time try to stay awake a little bit longer and see what happens.

Im suprised thay eye movement thing works.!.

The old hag? Huh