Words Of inspiration

I read this in a book (art or dreaming - carlos casteneda) and though it would be inspiring to struggling LDers.

“The mind and all its rational defenses cannot cope with persistance. Sooner or later, the minds barriers fall, under its impact, and the dreaming attention blooms.”

yes, much of which is discussed in thsi book, ive experienced, making it an invaluable tool for myself. i would encourage the teachings of all of Castenada’s book as well, tales of power is all about astral projection. Overall, they are all intelligent sources on the metaphysical subjects of reality.

i would urge you to try and use this to your advantage, to try and find some of the certain places he describes in his dreamscape, i believe they are fairly concrete and can be visited by most, if not all dreamers.

I would also liek to urge others to discuss other books in this thread as well, Words of Inspiration is a great choice of words. :smile: