Work experience -- school

well it’s that year( year 10) where we have to start finding a job for working 1 week just as an experience(i have worked before), but im not sure what to do?? my interests are psychology and theology but it’s not like i can go to a psychologist and sit there while he is talking to someone or be in a theology class. I not sure what kind of jobs are out there, electronics seems fun if it will be hands on anyone got any suggestions??! thanks

Be a cop for a week. Maybe youll get to shot a gun or kick a bad guy in the schnuts…

Hehe… Well, you could be a superintendent for a week and fire all the teacher :smile:

Hmm, you could be a profession artist, doesn’t seem to hard. Just draw a few shapes and say “It’s an expression of my individuality!” hen someone criticizes it.

Burger King all the way man!

Thats all you need in life :smile:

I worked at Candyhouse for 2 weeks… it’s something I can recommend

well…u could train to be a forum moderator wonders if there is any money in that :tongue:

…Or BurgerKing sucks, go with Mcdonalds, at least u get a free microwaved dryburger at the end of the day :grin: