Working time machine swtiched on soon

Wow did anyone catch the Time Machine programme on UK’s Channel4?…imemachine.html

A working time machine will be completed soon and although they will
only be able to send subatomic particals back in time. However thats
all thats going to be nessecary as those particals can be ordered
like zeros and ones of a computer to send information back in time!!!

Think what this could mean when this thing is switched on, as long as
that device continues to exist far into the future then we could
receive data from anytime in the future!


Yeah, I saw the show. I think the thing to keep in mind is that it’s simply theoretical, and Mallet’s theory has its detractors.

There’s an article about it here: … ravel.html

Ooops, broken link… This one works better I hope: … chine.html

I will immediately inform myself and start working on a machine that will allow me to travel back in time. When the machine is build, which will be around 2040, I will travel back to tomorrow june 29th and tell myself about the ultimate LD-technique discovered in 2034 that allows us to step into an instant-LD without any effort. Then I will reveal the technique on a special website you can visit if you join for only $200, that’s even cheaper than a NovaDreamer!


Well I think your to late according to this site. It will teach you how to lucid dream in a guaranteed 8 mins. flat, for the amazingly price of $19.95 :rofl: , not even a tenth of what you were planning to charge.


LOL! Lucid dreaming in 8 mins! Guess this would be world news if it’s true… Anyway, my technique WILL be world news, have already contacted major TV networks to discuss a deal worth $25,000,000,000 - eat your heart out Monica Lewinsky! So don’t forget to watch CNN…

The bad news is, already june 29th and still waiting for myself to bring the holy grail technique :sad:

OK I’ve read the article Badcandlejack referred to and was very disappointed after reading this:

There goes my money :sad:

Hey, for just a $10 deposit now in the present, this company will have their future employees come back to the past (your future) to retrieve you before you die and take you to the future (their present) when time travel becomes common 500 years from now and your $10 has become $10-Billion. Sign me up! If I’m not here tomorrow, I’m already gone! :cool_laugh:

Sage I’ve been to that site before like 4 months ago it was featured on the space channel so its not a scam but its still iffy. I’d sign up just to get the certificate. I’d mount that baby in my office.

*Better pay an extra $10 and bring a girl too, don’t know what women could be lookin like then. We may have . . . evolved by the time travel is feasible.

Yeah, I’ve heard about it some time ago… I’m sure those guys have already received a lot of $ :sad: . It’s so easy to get rich on the WWW if you don’t worry about ethics! I’ve also heard about people paying for courses to learn to become… invisible :alien: . I even think if I made that website with the LD-technique from 2034, there would be people who would actually pay me money to join (though not $200 I hope) :sad: .