World not ready to accept LD???

Sorry- not sure where to place this subject :confused:

Is it true that most people haven’t heard of lucid dreaming?
When I told my friends and family, they had never heard of it but were interested nonetheless. I don’t think they believed it tho, they just wondered why I was going on about it- like I’d turned into some sort of spiritual nutcase! :eek: After all if they did believe it you’d expect they’d all want to try it but it seems most people approach subjects that are unknown to them with caution. Has any one else encounted this problem?

Maybe the thing we all have in common on the forum is having an open mind and maybe we are more open to trying something new with that. Well that’s the impression I get reading some of the posts anyway. :wink:

Despite all the scientific proof, could it be the case that the world is still not ready to accept lucid dreaming! :confused:

yer thats tru, sadly.

i have encountered that problem a lot! u kinda get used to it tho but its all about how you tell it. when i first started lucid dreaming i told everyone about it, back in year ten i had half the year giving it a go! most wher ereally keen and interestedd too, try telling the same story a difrent way and i had people look at me like i was crazy and it was stupid… its sad.

i think the world isnt ready yet… but give it time, they will be once i get through with them!

Most people are more interesed in real life.

Tell your parents that LD’ing has been scientifically proven.

Wot do u hav in mind!? :cry:

Suppose its just a fact that not every1 is as open minded as me, you, everyone else on the forum.

Tried that. They STILL weren’t convinced! oh well ignorance is bliss!

I can just see LDing taking off big time in the future because it can be such an amazing thing- i see no reason why everyone wudn’t wana try it. Then we can say- well we were there first and your just jumping on the bandwagon! :cry:

We can be the LD guru’s!!!

A lot of things that aren’t about the material world can easily scare people. They become sceptical or just call it nonsense. That can be very frustrating, but i’ve learned one thing out of experience: don’t try to convince someone who’s sceptical. It will just frustrate you.

One of my finals for web design was to make a full website. I chose to do mine on Lucid Dreaming. After I was done with my presentation. most of the people in my class were interested in the subject. My Proffesor even came up to me after class and told me he would revisit my site. (i put a link to LD4all in it :smile: ) He also told me he would try it out over the summer. I never asked him if he did. I can post the website if anyone wants to see it. Not as good as LD4all by no means. I could’nt even compare the two.

On the other hand, other people I’ve told said all types of differant things. Some say it’s a sin, others say it’s Bull, and then you have the croud that thinks your just plain crazy :panic: (those are always my favourite)

I think the majority of people already considered me crazy anyways :confused:

You could also see it this way: this forum is almost a pioneer in the field of LDing, as we all are actually. IF LDing becomes increasingly popular in the future, and IF at some point it will become mainstream, there’s no doubt this forum will be hailed as one of the first and also the biggest LD forum “from the early days”. Then you can tell your grandchildren how you were once a part of that legendary forum. Wouldn’t that be cool :cool:


I was telling my mom about LD, and she was interested, as were a lot of my friends, but I have the same thing with people just saying I’m crazy or I’ve done too much acid or something lol.

I don’t have a problem with people thinking I’m weird or crazy, but then again I am pretty weird and crazy to begin with. People who deny the existence of lucid dreams are probably just jealous. After all, temporary omnipotence is certainly something to be jealous of!

Yes it is, people must think it’s too good to be true or something. But I don’t care at least I have found the glory of LD, as have all you of you these forums. We all share a very, very great aspect of the human mind and what it is capable of.

Stay Lucid.

I`veonly tried telling it to someone once.
Didn\t go good .
He just said “and you belive them ?!” …
I got to at least wait for my first to tell enybody

I had heard about LDing a long time ago and was somewhat interested, but mostly just dismissed it. I didn’t really believe it was possible until it happened to me, and since I had already heard and read about them, I wasn’t in as much shock the first time I had an LD. :content:

I believe it’s a good thing to spread the word, regardless of the crazy looks and blank stares you may receive. If someone at least knows what LDing is, they’re probably less likely to think they’ve gone insane, and more likely to enjoy their first, instead of immediately waking up in terror from the disorientation of finding themself in a place not of this world. At least, that’s how it worked for me. :cool_laugh:

(also… a member for two years with 48 posts… kind of a sad statistic :neutral: )

When i got the link to this page I somehow just started reading .
Knowing that everybody would think it were crazy . but i wanted to try !
After a month or two it just faded away , but then i startded wilding while listening to music on my comp.
And that scared me in here!
I`ve never regret !

Most people I’ve talked to about it just kind of dismissed it – at least until I pointed to sex – then they suddenly became very interested.

I already had an interest in dreams (and had heard of LD) and was discovering that my spiritual beliefs were very relevent to LD, so I was a little bit more open-minded and interested. Most of my friends already have faith, in Christianity, that is (which promotes faith in God rather than faith in your own spirit) Not that it’s a problem, but they may be less interested in possible spiritual effects of LD.

Also, most people I talked to that dismissed it were very tied to a physical, materialistic world, so a universe based completely on faith would seem ridiculous to them. Also, they almost immediately linked it to the Matrix, and pretty quickly thought it was just some BS.

Nobody was interested at first, even after I pointed out that actions would have no consequence, but after I pointed out sex then suddenly they were interested. Somewhat sad I thought. After a few days, though, their interest faded and they no longer cared.

Interestingly, most people I talked to had already experienced at least one LD, or something close to it, and didn’t dismiss what I was saying at all - they were very curious and wanted to know if I could explain all the techniques and stuff.
But i’ve never heard someone tell me “cool, it works !” after giving the link to the wikibook to him/her. Maybe it takes a lot of training after all…


Well, when I first heard about LDs I put it in one corner with PSI stuff, telepathy and similar, even though I had had some low-LDs before (but all those were undecided topics for me). Then I became interested in telepathy :eek:, reading much about it and related topics on the web and doing some serious debunking, which lead to my views on those topics I have today. LDing was clearly into the “true and proven” corner of the room, telekinesis and similar “hard stuff” about in the opposite corner, telepathy somewhere in between… But except to a few people I never talked much about those interests, because they’d probably think I was going mad.

However, if I tried to explain it to someone, I wouldn’t stress the omnipotence stuff and all too much (doesn’t have an application to real life), but rather point out some practical benefits. You can come up with pretty creative stuff in your dreams, then wake yourself up and write/sketch it down. You can practice things that might be dangerous in real life or that you are afraid of (This is something even done in normal dreams!). I have read some top sportsmen are lucid dreamers, refining their techniques while sleeping.

What`s the wikibook ?

It’s the “book” written by LD enthusiasts (and a good number of people from this forum), on wikimedia - which is affiliated to wikipedia

Ok , so thats what the liberians do `?