World of Warcraft

Anyone here play WoW?

I have my characters on the gorefiend server.

Edit: I have WoW now. :biggrin: Playing on Ragnaros.



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I have WoW… I play on “the Venture Co.”(european).

Quite a few of my classmates have WoW. I’ve seen what it does to them, which is precisely why I haven’t bought it :razz:

Well , I play tibia.

Ill shut my mouth.

Im on Danubia BTW

Prexactly … I haven’t seen one of my freind in months! lol

I just play warcraft on (no way I’m gonna pay to play, I’m too cheap :tongue: )

So many noobs in Ragnaros playing in the Battlegrounds. We loose every single battleground battle every time we join. :grrr:

I used to play WOW when its still beta. Pretty fun, but I would not pay the montly fee for this game while I have GuildWars :smile:

I played WoW for a short time, but a combination of getting bored and my computer not being quite up to snuff stopped me. Of course, I still glance over at the box every now and then and consider reinstalling it… ^^;

I’m playing EVE Online currently, which is a little easier on my poor laptop. People should check this game out, it rocks!

I used to play as Chrizimer on Kael’Thas, and look up a guild called Vengeance if you would…

I dunno if my 55 warrior human is even there anymore. I haven’t subscribed for a while.

Favorite places are Western Plaguelands and Tanaris.

I’m an avid WoW addict, I play on moonguard on a character named Silhoette, level 70 Blood Elf holy paladin.
You don’t know how hard it is for me to talk about WoW with out promoting my guild. =P Resists posting the URL.

I play on Antonidas. For the Horde.

Ahh wow thee is a cruel misteress. WoW is kinda of pointless after about the first 10 levels. Go kill this monster collect those rings rinse and repeat. Then theres the magical terrain changes from salt flat to dessert to lush forest to winter peak within the blink of an eye. And yes i have dont the full wow leveling scale because i was egged on by a friend it gets better i promise. It never got better. Still waiting.

Blizzard is making the game easier to the point where its no longer fun with the Burning Crusade expansion… Used to be players with epic items were gods amongst men… now we have a big pile of epics that are essentially handed out for free. And what pisses me off is they recently made like a supposedly really hard instance for high level players… Since players were complaining it was to hard (Which is bull because I healed for a full run and beat it with only two wipes.) they are actually going to re-tweek it so its another objective that gives free epics for nothing.