Would dating in a lucid dream be bad?

Like would having a relationship in a Lucid Dream be bad? Like say you still like real life women but at the same time have a dream relationship. Would having both be possible?

Short answer: It’s not bad, it’s just a dream.

Slightly longer answer that doesn’t really answer anything:
It really depends on how you feel about it. If you honestly feel like you are cheating on a significant other because you are seeing someone in a dream, then you should probably stop if it’s making you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you yourself know it’s just a dream, then why should you care? I feel like everyone has their own set of morals when it comes to interactions in dreams, so saying something is “bad” to do in a lucid dream is difficult to say.

I went on a date in a normal dream and it was quite a nice experience. I don’t see anything bad in having a relationship in your dream world, I think it would be quite a nice exercise to try and control your dreams to such an extent.

Just make sure you’re not going overboard and start giving your dream life more importance than you give to your waking life. Having fun in you dreams is perfectly ok but you should never lose touch of your waking reality.

There’s nothing wrong with doing so, at least initially, in a lucid dream. If you’re in a relationship, it’s something, in my opinion, that should be discussed with your significant other. Some people may feel that it’s just a dream, others may feel that it’s cheating.

If not in a relationship, I think it’s important that you remember these DCs are just parts of you. These aren’t real people, they never will be. As long as you can stay in touch with reality, then it’s fine. And it’s not that you’re in danger of falling out of touch with reality, it’s just a warning. It can be easy for some to get swept up in their imaginary worlds, and even here with lucid dreaming because of how real it is. As long as you can remember that RL comes first, it should be perfectly fine. If at any point that’s not the case, well I think you seriously need to reevaluate your decisions.

So would it be ok for me to live a dream world and real world side by side then? Could I keep lucid dream relations as long as I am still in touch with reality?

You can do whatever you want in a dream.

My two main points:

Beware that dreams are just that, dreams. They’re not the real world and aren’t a replacement for it.

In relation to that point, but more specific: DCs aren’t real people. I wouldn’t suggest trying to turn to them to replace RL friends and family. You can do whatever you want with them, but I think it’s an important point to realize that they are figments of your imagination/subconscious and not real people. RL always takes priority to the dream world and that is something that needs to be remembered.

Like I said, do whatever you want in your dreams. I’m just cautioning you against investing yourself so heavily into the dream world that you forget about the real world you’re living in, which kind of sounded like you might be aiming for. Dreams aren’t a replacement for RL things, but they can certainly be therapeutic or comforting, so long as they aren’t there to permanently replace RL things.

Oh no, I’m not trying to replace the real world with the dreamworld, I’m just asking if I can have them side by side, you know like both worlds

Yeah, if you’re good enough at lucid dreaming, no reason you can’t.

I think that talking it over with a relationship partner would be awkward and unnecessary.

Remember that dream sex is just masturbation.