Would different techniques benefit my lucid experience?

So far, all my lucid experiences have been results of either random realisation, or the ONLY valid technique that I use, dream check. Specifically the hand technique I had heard about ( Checking your hands for blurriness etc). And I was wondering… Would other techniques such as using dream journals for better dream recalls and MILD, WILD and WBTB techniques help me make my lucid experience not only more frequent, but also enrich it? Please get back to me as I wish to have more control as (for some reason) When I become lucid, my subconscious seems to think its a good Idea to change scenario and such in my latest LD’s.

Yes, it would benefit, and I would advice to try out many different techs and see which suits you the most. You should take a look at knowledge base and find topic “how to choose your technique” and also there is dream control guide that can help you with your current goal. Wellcome to LD4All :smile:

Thank you :spinning: I’ll look into the topic at knowledge base and attempt the techniques there, So would it help getting a dream journal and attempting the WBTB technique as often as possible?

DJ is always good! :smile: WBTB can help a lot too, but it’s not good if it makes you get less sleep. Many people do WBTB only on weekends and holidays, or if they do on weekdays, they do a quick one (as in wake up, write down a few notes about a dream so you don’t forget it later, and then go back to bed traying WILD or MILD or whatever).

Thanks :spinning:, I have tried MILD many times, however have only had success with it combined with WBTB when I slept all day because of illness. But WILD is interesting as it looks much harder to master, but once mastered I could learn to become lucid almost immediately. if you could reply if you have achieved WILD and the best way to do so that would be very helpful :spinning:

I did achieve WILD a few times, but all of them were done unintentional. Remember that there is no “masterplan” with any technique. Of course there are certain essential steps, but everyone is different and what works for one might not work for you, so you need to adapt a technique to yourself. Just wanted to say that there is no “best way”. :wink:

You can always use other tech’s and try to combine them into one “master” technique. You can use peaces from each that suites you and then you’ll have a success because if one part fails there is another for back up. Also each technique will teach you something new about lucidity.

There are many ways to WILD “right” and only “right” way for you is to use information that other dreamers provide based on their personal experience and use that in the best way you can. WILD is very easy and very hard, or at least how you make it. Just take one night as a start and do WILD whenever you feel like doing it and from that night on just experiment with it and you’ll get lucid dreams as many as you wish!

Good luck!

Thank you all so much :spinning: I will take it all into consideration and try to develop my ‘master technique’. Just wanted to say that this site is a very friendly community based one and I wouldn’t have dreamed that I could have done this without all of your help, So thanks to you all! :spinning: