Would this be possible?

Hey guys, I’m still awaiting my first vivid LD, but from what I have read, people tend to dream in the 1st person. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt in the 3rd person as in, I’m the camera man and can see myself (but it’s still me). So my question is, if to become lucid, could I switch between 1st and 3rd perosn? :unsure:

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You can do what ever you want.

These “third person” dreams are normal, and getting from a third person to first person state wouldn’t be all too hard, it’s basically just focusing in on a certain “point of view” that you want to be in. You know your over there, but you want to be there seeing through HIS eyes, so imagine what it would look like seeing through that other you. Of course this would require being lucid, but I couldn’t imagine it being that hard, I’ve done it before.

Like GnarGnar said, anything is possible in a lucid dream. Don’t limit yourself :content:

If you are seeing yourself from a 3rd person view you could focus on seeing through the eyes of the observer (which is technically yourself) instead of the usual other self you follow around. Its all up to you, which ever perspective you will focus on could be changed in the dream.

You can do it like in Call of Duty games , first watch from above than go into your dream body :smile:

before i opened this topic i just said, “Yes” in my head lol

I had this small problem for a bit, but it is a easy fix and the way i did it makes dreams more fun. To start all you have to do is ‘force yourself back into you body’ as some would say, this just mean try and push view into your body. You’ll find it easier than it sounds. Now as i said i did something to make my dreams more ‘fun’, so what i did was make myself un consciously force myself in and out of your view. If you can have constant LD (which i do not considering i have only had like 1 horrible LD and like 4 1/2 LDs) then you can just do it manually, but if you aren’t a regular LDer then you could just think about it while your about to sleep. Once you switch back and forth you can try and see the perspective from both 1st and 3rd person at the same time. In which i mean you can see 1st person in one eye and 3rd in the other. Myself i see 1st in one and and in the other i can just sorta analyze someone or something else in a 3rd person way. Although this during 1st/3rd person view i am never able to really see myself in a 3rd person way, only my hands and the rest in a 1st person way.
Good luck and have fun :cookiemon:

It so interresting to here this. I’ve ALWAYS dreamt in first person…like the video first person shooter. I’ve only been in third person a few times but those were times I had assumed I was in someone elses dream. That might be a good subject to bring up…being in other persons dreams like Dreamscape.

When I used to play video games a lot, all my dreams were in third person.

I guess it’s the same thing as when people who watched B&W TVs had B&W dreams.