Would this help me LD? WILD

so if i put on binaural beats after waking up from 5 hours of sleep, and then laid back, and started going 1, i am dreaming, 2 i am dreaming, 3 i am dreaming, etc. Each 5 and did a RC and then if it didn’t work count to 10, 15, 20, so forth. because maybe you could have fell asleep without realizing it, and you could already be in a dream?

You can just forget binaural beats. It’s inefficient and if you want to use a noise for relaxing or focusing, the noise of your PC or a fan would also do the trick.

I haven’t used binaural beats much myself, so I can’t comment on whether or not those in particular will help.

I’ve also found that using an existing background noise to help my focus is preferable to setting up something especially for that purpose (of course, I’m lazy :tongue:). Fans in particular work great, but any constant background noise should do the trick.

In terms of the RC’s, I would use a larger interval than 5. You would probably have more success by only checking every 25, 50, or even 100 counts, depending on the rate.