Would you call this a reverse reality check?

A few nights ago, I woke and saw my water glass by the clock. I totally did not remember putting it there. I was even more surprised when I looked at my hands, and they were fine. I decided my husband must have done it for me, but it still felt like I was rationalizing something weird in a dream. (It turned out that I had just forgotten about it.)

The funniest part is that I doubted reality far more completely than I ever have in a dream. The best part is that I went back to sleep and had a short LD.

That reminds me of a dream I had two weeks ago, where Im sitting in the car with a friend, and I do a RC by counting my fingers, I noticed I had six fingers. So I counted them again to be sure. Instead of becoming lucid, I rationalized it by telling my friend that we must have lost our minds from practicing lucid dreaming. I remmber telling him that I wish I had read the chapter in Steven Labergs book EWOLD, about “Is LDing dangerous” I kicked myself when I woke up.

Isn’t it funny how stubborn the dreaming mind is about the reality it constructs?

I would call this a missed dreamsign. :ding:
There are lots of such examples in the “What huge missed dreamsign did you miss lately?” topic. :wink: