Would you count a layer 0 LD to be a real lucid dream?

Would you count a layer 0 lucid dream as a real LD or a ND? I had an experience last night where I had a ND and then was shot out of my non physical body into my non physical room. I then hit my head on the door and quickly did a reality check by trying to look at my self sleeping on the bed, but I was not there. Next I tried to breathe thru my plugged nose and it did not work either. The next thing I knew I slammed onto the ground and woke up instantly. Almost as if I was a doll and some small child was slamming me around. So basically I just want to know what your opinions are on this. Would you consider this an LD? or a ND?

(By the way, I have never had a LD or and OBE before so that is why I am just wondering what you all think, I would like to know in case it ever happens again) :help:


That was still an ND. In order for it to be classed as an LD, you have to know you’re dreaming.

However, trying to RC is a good sign. It means the habit is starting to carry over into your dreams. :smile:

Awesome! Thank you for the reply! :smile: It means a lot! :happy: