Wow, I just had Sleeping Paraylsis


I woke up at about 2:40am this morning and instantly heard footsteps. I thought it was just my father leaving for work, which made me think it was like 6:30 in the morning (Im 17 years old by the way). So i didn’t really think much about it, then i tried to move and i couldn’t. That’s when i realised i was having an episode of sleep paralysis. I could barely breathe as well. At first I was fighting it (which was the wrong thing to do) but then from my research I remembered some techniques that break you free from it, which i successfully did. So there were no visions just auditory hallucinations which were the footsteps i heard which apparently is quite common to hear. I was quite freaked out a bit seeing as it was my first one but then quite appreciative after because you can research something so much but not fully know it until you experience it. Now you are probably wondering why I am sharing this. I have some questions i would like to ask:

  1. From having the auditory hallucination of the footsteps, why do some people have this same hallucination?
  2. Why did this happen to me? I’m only 17 years old and have no sleeping disorders. I was practicing the MILD technique but recently stopped because I was afraid of sleep paralysis happening to me, but i’m thinking of starting again seeing as I can overcome this fear. And strangely it did happen to me. I had only been practicing Lucid Dreaming for a few days. Is it because I have been researching it a lot and it has been in my mind?
  3. Am I too young to be practicing Lucid Dreaming? (17)

Any replies towards this post will be highly appreciated! :smile:

Hey :smile:

My last sleep paralysis was about 10 years ago, without any hallucinations, so I can’t say I know how you felt exactly, but I can imagine it was pretty scary. I think it’s very brave of you that you still want to attempt Lucid Dreaming :wink:

The reason why you heard the footsteps is probably because it is quite common for you to hear that from your room. Maybe you were thinking “Hmm, I wonder what time it is, perhaps it’s almost morning already” and that’s why your brain made those footstep sounds, because you were thinking about it.

That’s only my theory though.
Anyway, don’t worry. I’m not kidding, nothing bad can happen, it all depens how bad you make it for yourself. In fact, you can even make sleep paralysis a pleasant experience by thinking about nice things. There are people who like having it, because they have mastered their hallucinations and can make anything appear.

Is there a girl/boy you like? In your next sleep paralysis, imagine having him\her sit next to you, who supports you to get out of the sleep paralysis (for example!).

By the way, it’s not weird at all that it happened to you. When you had an LD, or maybe you almost had, there is an increased chance of getting sleep paralysis. I have no idea why but it’s a fact.

As for your last question, you’re not too young at all! In fact, I think I started at your age as well (I’m 20 now). It’s not a dangerous thing to do, so you should be able to do it on any age. The only thing why I would not recommend it to young children is because they may not have full control of their minds and would get more nightmares, or maybe even sleep paralysis.

If you enjoy attempting Lucid Dreaming, then go for it! Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you love, and that goes for anything in life.

I love lucid dreams

Because it’s one of the most common things in human history. You are walking therefore you can here your footsteps or other peoples footsteps. As everything, footsteps too brain uses to fools us or to worn us or for any other reason but it’s common because footsteps are common…

For experiencing SP you don’t have to have a sleep disorder all you have to do fortunately or unfortunately wake up at the right time as you did.

No, you are not. If you ask me we are all to old in means that we should start to learn this as very little kinds, well we can thank our society and our parents for not being thought as we should be…