Wow, is it normal to get an LD first try?

I’d been reading a lot about LDs in the past few weeks, and every night I’ll tell myself I’m dreaming a few times but other than that I haven’t really put any effort into having one. Last night I woke up around 4:00am and decided to stay awake for half an hour and read posts on this forum, eh what the heck, I might have some luck with this WBTB method.

So after reading I went to bed and tried to do the WILD method, but that just kept me awake for 20 minutes so I said a few of the MILD lines and just let myself go to sleep. I’ll spare you details but I got completely 100% lucid, and I can remember my thoughts too. I had complete control of the dream but it was prematurely ended, I think because I was worrying that I hadn’t set my alarm and I didn’t want to be late.

Anyway, what I want to ask is:
Could I be a natural LDer or is this just luck? I can remember my dreams quite well every night without using a journal or anything, and now getting an LD first try seems like I may have it easier than others. I’d like your guys’ opinions on this.

I had one the first night I found this site as well.

You’re probably not a natural, because you wouln’t have to do any methods. As for beginners luck of =r just naturally skilled, I don’t know, have you had any LDs since?

Well this only happened last night, but I’ll do the same thing I did and update tomorrow.

Well I’m a natural, so I can’t really tell, but I think knowing what you’re after—and having this knowledge fresh in your mind—helps a lot. Your chances go from this:

To this:

Could be luck or nature. A lot of people find that once they stop thinking about LD they suddenly come, so who knows. Keep going the way you are going though,

It’s not very common but some people have LD’s at their first or second tries.

If you were a “natural”, you would have had LD’s without trying. But I don’t think it’s just luck. You are probably more gifted than other people.