Wow! This website is so AWESOME!

I am very much into web design and I must say the new and improved LD4all is perfect! Not only is it more pleasing to the eye, but it is more informative too. Truly the work of an artist.

:happy: thank you very much :smile: :biggrin:

Yeah, it’s really good. You win a Bran Muffin.

I just resized my browser to 800x600 (gotta love the firefox Developer Toolbar extension) and, well… wow. That degrades incredibly well.

have you tried to visit using a cell phone? or text based browser? :wink:
or you can just turn off javascript. :smile:

Ya i agree!! :slight_smile: …just noticed it today…it really is great :content:

I wanna say this website now feels sleepier then the last version.

GooD jOb :clap:

what in ld4all’s name is going on here??? i don’t sign on for like a month and the thing is completely changed and different. It actually took me a minute to realize the scroll bar on that welcome screen was on the left side. couldn’t figure out how to get to the forum lol.

shrug Magic.

:cool_laugh: This is so awesome! it’s an excellent new design pasQuale!
:partying_face: does RC

agreed its kinda sad to see the last design which was cool go
but when its replaced by something like this :smile: its all good