Wow, where do I start...

Just found out about LD about 2 weeks ago, I have been trying for a week and a half (I know it’s not that long so I shouldn’t expect anything) but are there ANY special techniques that anyone can tell me that my book that I have will NOT…?

Glad to know other people are trying as well as me.

HEey! Welcome! There’s lots of techniques to be found in the “quest for lucidity” board. Try the new techniques topic or something. Iunno.

You could try the suneye, WBTB, MILD, WILD, ummmmm hold up what else? Iunno what your book has. List it so that we dont’ tell you already. Ya’know? But yeah! Trung of Wu Welcomes you! The people here are very nice and will be glad to help you with your questy deally. ^,^

Hey man, welcome to the Forums. Get posting on everything that happens with your LD’ing.

Hi LuCiD sPeNcE,

What are the techniques that are mentionned in your book?