I can’t believe how amazing and kind of scary but fun that was. I haven’t been keeping up with my dream journal or really trying to LD at all or anything.

I was just having a dream. I don’t remember what about; it might’ve been an FA but I’m not sure. The only part I remember is looking out and seeing my car not where it usually is, and when I went out to look at it it was completely trashed. The roof was ripped off, the seats were damaged and messed up, and there were big dents in the sides.

“This HAS to be a dream!” I thought. “This just has to be a dream… it just has to be…”

Then I remember to do an RC. I plug my nose, and… success! I can breathe!

And for once, I don’t care that I’m lucid. I’m so happy that my car isn’t really trashed! But then I go and do some lucid stuff, I’m not sure what because I had so many dreams.

Then I wake up. Or so I think. I go in to talk to my mom, but something feels “off” and I do another nose RC. I’m lucid again!

Then I have another FA. And another. And another. I think I had literally 7 or 8 FA’s in the span of about an hour.

It was awesome becoming lucid after each one, 'cause I got to try SO much more than I’ve ever gotten to try in my previous dreams. I sort-of did one of my main things I wanted to do… make the old version of my ex-gf appear so I can talk to her. She certainly was there when I turned that corner, like I said she should be… though she was a little distorted. And then I lost her, never actually getting to talk to her.

Then in one of my other ones, I tried shooting fire out of my hands, or forming fire in my hands. Then I tried to set a bush ablaze. And then I tried to shoot a laser out of my finger. None worked :sad:. Then I had a brilliant idea to take some sort of “fire/magic enhancement pill” that I “had” in my pocket, but when I put it in my mouth I closed my eyes to swallow it and woke up. Though admittedly I was a little happy to wake up, 'cause I was beginning to seriously have the thought that I wasn’t ever going to really wake up.

It’s amazing too, how real dreams feel. Even when I was telling myself that it has to be a dream, the other half of my mind was saying “No dude, this isn’t a dream. This is real. Deal with it.” And the FA’s, too. In the later ones I was SO sure I was awake… at first.

That’s awesome. Every time I have a FA, I can never remember to do an RC even though I usually do one when I wake up.

Did you use any techniques to get this to happen? MILD? just RCs in everyday life?

Anyways, keep up the good work!

I didn’t use any techniques or RCs in real life or anything. I hadn’t given up on LDing, I had just… stopped. And then out of no where this happens.

When I was starting to become worried I would never actually wake up I started to feel like the guy in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Like he wanted to communicate with people outside of his mind but he couldn’t.

Gosh it was just so crazy…

Cool! Congratulations! :tongue:

I’ve had many FA’s in a row too, and I know what you mean. It’s kind of refreshing to wake up.

I hate kissing and swimming in LD’s because I close my eyes and wake up! :cry: