Wriggle Bum

:help: please. :bored:

I love him dearly but my Husband is a real wriggler!

I’m sure that you guys don’t all have clinical sleep labs in which to attempt your various Lucid Galavantings and that somebody must have come up against this in the past. If so, could you please help me out. He invariabley chooses the exact second that I have some great HI going on or I’m just getting the vibrations come on to either roll over or decide that I have too much covers or something else equally fidgety! :dark:

I don’t want to cause an arguement over it coz we don’t do that sort of thing but I wondered if anyone has any hints and/or tips to deal with these kinds of disturbances. As you can imagine it’s quite difficult to relax and concentrate on a mantra when the hubby is trying to cuddle up. :eh: Puts you right off your stride I tell ya! :ohno:

Hopeful thankyous in advance.

haha… sorry but reading this brought a smile to my face. I to share a bed with a m8 and have had this happen. Although sometimes I’m the one tossing and turning.

It got really strange one night when I was in this middle point between the dreamworld and awakeness and I could hear talking, only later to realize that it was his voice, and I was in an odd false awakening. I was starting to get upset before I realized this because I was like, dang it, I was almost there and he starts rambling in his sleep!

Anywho, I suggest getting a bigger bed if possible!! or, WBTB and head to your couch before attempting dream exercises (if he won’t get upset finding you there in the morning and not in bed).

you mentioned afternoon naps in your DJ. if I were you I would not bother with WILD at night when he is restless and just enjoy the cuddle and do MILD instead. Then do WILD in the afternoon when you won’t be disturbed :wink:

@ Rare. Oh yeah he does that too. :rofl: It’s really disconcerting but sometimes increadibley funny too.

Thanks Moogle that’s a fab idea to flip it about. My baby son snoozes for about 2hrs of an afternoon so it should fit just about right. Brilliant cheers. :cool:

We’ve got a wierd set up here where getting downtime is difficult enough but trying to get seperate sleep just isn’t going to happen. I think afternoon attempts could really be a possibility so I’ll give it a go. :good: